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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Supplemental Draft?

    Saw some headlines that the NFL will not allow COVID related entries in the to Draft... So it sounds like their wont be a rush for prospects to enter the draft in 2020. That said, curious if there are any prospects that would be eligible if this COVID stuff never came about? anyone the Pats...
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    Denver Cap situation?

    Hi - I know Miguel and others have done a fantastic job of breaking down Pats cap over the years - this is very much appreciated. Don't need anywhere near the level of detail but was wondering what Denver's cap situation is like for 2016 and beyond..Off the top of my head they are paying big...
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    Adam Schefter Article With this whole deflategate situation I wanted to post (repost?) this article on Adam Schefter because he seems like he was the one person who did not...
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    Comp picks?

    Saw this site and don't know how accurate it is - but looks like we have a good chance of a 3rd/7th rounder? seems like they at least have a solid methodology on this... New England Lost (4): Aqib Talib, Brandon Spikes...
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    Did Tully Play this week?

    Forgive my ignorance if he played a lot of snaps, but I did not hear his name called once and saw Ninkovich/Crable/Cunningham out there on a number of occaisions and never saw him or heard him.. Now, I was focusing on McCourty / Arrington / Chung / Meriweather alot because I wanted to see how...
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    Our Aging OL and the Draft

    Just wondering what everyone is thinking as far as our OL situation goes... It seems we have some MAJOR holes to fill next year Between Kaczur (Back/ Old) Light (Old) Koppen (Old) Neal (prob. going to retire/ old) Mankins (not coming back) we are really only left with Connelly and...
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    So what holes do we still need to fill (FA)

    My "needs" list for the team has shifted quite a bit.... These positions NEED to be addressed somehow in FA / Trades Regardless, here are a few spots I think we NEED to fill before the draft as a rookie just won't do...and how many QUALITY players do we need before we feel comfortable...
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    Patriots press conferences?

    I didnt want to make a whole new topic but had a quick question. Is there a website that posts the full press conference transcripts? I read reiss and usually but they never seem to post the entire transcripts, but pick out quotes to make little blurbs. Sometimes they post...
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    Quick Brandon Tate question

    This could have been posted or reported somewhere. I heard he is on IR now (pretty sure thats correct) If he is, was his injury really serious (ACL) or was this more of a personell decision made by the coaching staff as they came to the reality that he would never learn the offense in...
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    Throwback/Pat Patriot Jerseys

    Hi Everyone, Great win yesterday, I am really impressed with the win as im sure you all are. Anyways, This is a serious inquiry and I really want everyones honest opinion... Do people like the throwback jerseys alot better than the flying elvis? I really prefer them and its not just...
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    DB's last night...

    first off, did bodden play at all? I didnt see him out there - Although I dont know the numbers to well yet and its hard to see the backfeild with the camera angles they give...If he was out there how did he look? I was really excited when we got this guy. Also, how does everyone think the...
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    Injured players...updates?

    Hey anyone have an update on Bruschi , Adalius Thomas, Rodney or Maroney?? Pats never give out much info but i was wondering if anyone picked anything up recently... Just wondering Thanks
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    Tight Ends

    Anyone else think we are thin at TE. Brady needs all the protection he can get so perhaps a blocking specialist and then maybe Ben Watson can hopefully become the threat he has the potential to be... Just a thought... BB loves his tight ends, I dont think this is too odd of a suggestion...
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    Who will/did you root for??

    Ravens vs Pitt I like the ravens....just love their defense Eagles vs. Cards Cardinals no questions asked... LAST WEEK: Eagles or Giants... I hate to admit this but I was rooting for the Eagles... I couldn't believe it!! I lived in philly for two years and wanted to kick every...
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    Red Zone

    Can anybody explain to me what it is about our offense that struggles in the red zone?? I know the easy answer is Matt Cassel...but for most of the season we have been settling for 3 points...I know cassel put together a few nice touchdown drives but I felt as if we could have scored alot more...
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    Matt Cassel sucks...

    sorry..i know some people are blindly loyal to whoever is Qb'ing this team, but he just does...:singing: Prove me wrong. He can't pass accurately unless there is NO pressure on him. He has no vision in the pocket... When he does see the rush, he seems to run right back into trouble...
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    IF Asante leaves...

    I think we should pick up Marcus Trufant. i saw somewhere that he was an unrestricted FA....
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    question for anyone who knows the cap well

    I'm bored at work....and this is what i think of.... okay so these following things must happen for the pats to remain the powerhouse they have been thus far this year... I see these as FA signings that the pats need/want to take place... - A$ante - Randy - Stallworth (might not be...
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    WTF? - - Samari Rolle what on earth is that sentence doing in this article? how is them being black have to do with anything...dont get me wrong this isnt me just ranting over racism (im an irish-catholic bred bostonian in every sense of the word)...
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    Missed a bad tackle in 1st quarter just now.. the play where boler scrambled....cost us a bunch of yards...he just took a bad angle, poor attempt... it was good to see him out there in the 1st quarter though...