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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. Oswlek

    My wife passed away

    I wish I had more to offer than the tears in my eyes. Be as well as you can.
  2. Oswlek

    We all need to temper our expectations

    Holy crap this is funny. Well done, sir.
  3. Oswlek

    James White re-signing with Patriots

    Your timing is off. White was drafted in 2014, which was Vereen's final season with the Patriots.
  4. Oswlek

    Player Signing Pats sign Jalen Mills

    Especially when the three players they mention are strong safeties, one of which didn't have much left before taking a year off and the starting free safety is up in years as well. Even if you disregard the flexibility aspect, the fit is plain as day.
  5. Oswlek

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 5 NFL games discussion

    Shouldn't they be on fire?
  6. Oswlek

    Taking a look at 2021 Patriots HOF possibilities

    Even if Parcels left on the best of terms, his tenure on the Patriots is not within sniffing range of the HOF. Why he keeps getting brought up mystifies me. He must be getting a major bump based on what he did elsewhere in some people's eyes.
  7. Oswlek

    Words on things I watched, read & heard

    I consider that a preseason play. Not in a pejorative sense, more in the "team building" sense. Rather than exploit a weakness, you'll often intentionally pit your guys against their best because you want to see how they perform against higher caliber players. Or you'll run what you want...
  8. Oswlek

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL week 14 official thread other games

    Baltimore has been gifted 14 offensive points and about 10 defensive points (points Buffalo didn't score by no effort on Baltimore's part). They'll almost certainly win, but hopefully were seeing some cracks in the attack.
  9. Oswlek

    We are on to Kansas City...

    Sanders' impact has reached mythic proportions, but reality was quite different. Indy's run defense was just as lousy with Sanders that regular season as it was without. What changed in the playoffs was that they changed the responsibilities of the DEs. Instead of playing pass and rushing...
  10. Oswlek

    Brady Sr - Brady's Future in New England is Up to Bill

    These kinds of threads make me happy that I root for the laundry. I'm amazed by and grateful for all Brady has accomplished, but if he's gone next year, so be it. I'll be curious how he does elsewhere, but little more. Frankly - and this may sound strange from someone who posts here a few...
  11. Oswlek

    Curran (again) - Are these Tom Brady's final days with the Patriots?

    Interesting, because this was one of the plays Matt Chatham touched on in his podcast. He put it on Brady not because of the throw being off, but because he felt Tom should have been more patient against a 3 man pass rush and work back to the single covered wide receivers, of which Dorsett was...
  12. Oswlek

    Curran (again) - Are these Tom Brady's final days with the Patriots?

    I just scanned through the last 5 pages and I can't help asking..... Is there any actual news around this topic?
  13. Oswlek

    Forbath waived

    I'd take Lengel back at this point. :confused::eek:
  14. Oswlek

    We are on to Kansas City...

    Because Williams looked neither slow nor useless in the preseason. To the contrary, he was terrific and would be a starter in at least 20 other secondaries. Why prioritize Williams? Well, the guys who cover the larger body types are all getting up there in age. Joejuan isn't a big help to...
  15. Oswlek

    We are on to Kansas City...

    It was never a debate. From what I read, it was unanimous that Metcalf was a physical specimen more than a receiver, which is pretty much the opposite of what NE was looking for. He turned out to be more ready than expected, good for him. But that doesn't make it a debate in retrospect.
  16. Oswlek

    We are on to Kansas City...

    No worries, I can wait until January. :)
  17. Oswlek

    Rooting for Baltimore or Buffalo next week?

    I look at it as a win/win. Baltimore stumbles and NE has a shot at the top seed again or Buffalo cedes some ground in the division. It's an improvement on their current position either way.
  18. Oswlek

    Rooting for Baltimore or Buffalo next week?

    Agreed, KC and Baltimore squaring off in the playoffs is nearly as important to me as home field throughout. Despite what just happened, the Texans aren't winning in NE in January. And if they do, then NE wasn't a SB team.
  19. Oswlek

    Patriot's players still open to Antonio Brown reunion.

    It did during the Jax, Detroit, TN and Pitt games. To your point, those were a sampling and this appears to be a more consistent problem. At the same time, NE was not nearly the dominant running team in the regular season that they became in the playoffs. It was just something they were...