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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. archstanton543

    Is Bill Okay?

    Belichick had a cut on his nose and his lips appeared to be bleeding later on in the game. I don't think he was in a bar fight last night the coach's health okay?
  2. archstanton543

    Soggy Notbook

    I saw BB taking notes on his little notebook. With a pen. In a torrential downpour. Do you think any of his notes survived turning into a mushy pulp after the game? (Especially his notes on the blocked FG...that was embarrassing).
  3. archstanton543

    Who Is Sony Michel?

    More like "why?". I understand he was drafted in the first round and all that but...he's not helping. He hasn't helped most of the the games he's played it. Why are the Pats afraid to pull him? I understand Rex got hurt again but throwing to him twice in a row in the Red Zone late was just...
  4. archstanton543

    Norway Loves The Pats

    My friend is on vacation in Norway (why he's doing it this time of year, I'll never know) and he found a Patriots bar at the Alesund airport in Norway. He was nice enough to send me a couple of pics.
  5. archstanton543

    More Deflategate Lies in Atlanta

    Super Bowl 2017: What to tell your kids about ‘Deflategate&rsquo ...despite it only affecting Patriots footballs... It found that two Patriots employees --John Jastremski and Jim McNally -- were directly responsible. The general conclusion is the team cheated...
  6. archstanton543

    Slam Piece on Brady

    The real truth about the NFL draft | Fox News Wow, the level of misinformation being put out there by the mainstream media is staggering. And all under the guise of an opinion piece about the Draft.
  7. archstanton543

    Penalty Record

    Did the Bills and Pats set the record for most penalties in a game? I'm pretty sure the previous record was 22 and there were 25 flags thrown. I'm surprised no one mentioned it. I know the Bills were crazy chippy but do you think all the flags were because of the first-year ref calling every...