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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    New QB thread

    Mods, if we already have a thread like this I didn't see it, please merge. While most of us are sad Brady is leaving, we have a thread for that. I wanted to start a thread to discuss what we have at QB or want to see at QB. Me, I'd like to see Jalen Hurts in a Pats uniform. I don't know why...
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    E!SPN new Deflategate article

    Here is the link if you want to give them the click. It basically boils down to "Houston was REALLY cheating, we're not sure if the Patriots did anything". NOW you post this, 5 years later? Good God. It might change a mind or two, which is fine. But where was this critical thinking the week of...
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    Opinion Thread: When do we draw the line?

    **before this gets started, I'd just like to please ask that we all be respectful of each other's opinions. Everyone has a different one and would like to hear them all** Good evening, everyone. I had this discussion with a fellow Pats fan at work Friday afternoon, and I am curious on...
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    Sent ESPN Ombudsman Jim Brady an email, he replied

    Last week Bruce Allen pointed out Jim Brady was looking for feedback on ESPN. So I sent him this: Good afternoon. Why does ESPN report every single infraction the Patriots are accused of committing as pure fact, while other sports stars or teams are treated to benefit of the doubt or no...
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    Going to Sunday's game

    Hey everyone, my family came up from FL to NJ for Christmas and my wife and I are driving up to Foxboro for the game Sunday (and we even have pregame field passes...ahh the glory of the Patriots Extra Points card!). We're driving up Saturday and will be staying in Norwood, and was just looking...
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    The AFC is still up for grabs

    So after a few hours to relax and mull the game over, I have calmed down somewhat. Yes, we have our issues in the secondary. But I think they can be corrected by years end...and if Dennard can continue to do what he's doing him and Tavon Wilson could be starting come January. McCourty wasn't bad...
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    Chad Johnson #85 arrested - UPDATE - Released By Dolphins

    Just saw the tweet from Ian Rappaport. Disgusting. Police: Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson arrested for domestic violence (update) - South Florida
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    OT: Gutlessness

    So I am dropping my son off at daycare here on base this morning. I have a Pats graphic on my back window against dark tint so it stands out and I am wearing my blue Belichick hoodie. As I get out of my car to get my son out, the guy next to me walks past me and gets into his truck. Then he...
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    OT: Thanks, Ian

    Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Ian for the message board staying up and steady here tonight. I find going through these threads to be cathardic. One of the worst parts of 07 was the damn site was up and down so much for a couple of days. Thanks, Ian!! If you need contributions to go...
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    Super Bowl Menu's

    Always a thread I enjoy reading...what are you all serving Super Bowl Sunday? We'll be having shrimp cokctail, fried calamari, and stone crab claws for dinner, and some undetermined dessert-y thing around halftime (I'll figure that out tonight or tomorrow). (edit: dear Lord, can we please stop...
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    2011/12 AFC Playoffs Thread

    So, I assume we're all on the same page of Pittsburgh going into Denver and winning handily. Tebow Time is most likely finished for this year (and maybe forever). Houston/ we get Andy Dalton in Foxboro? I haven't watched much of the Bengals this year, can we beat them?
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    Patriots Tickets Questions and Answers

    Tickets for Pats/Jets October 9th game Mods please move to correct area of forum if needed Hello everyone. I am looking for tickets to the Pats/Jets game. The StubHub prices are pretty high, so I was just seeing if for some reason anyone on here has season tickets and won't be going for...
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    Revis to Pats: "Take the loss like a man"

    Apparently this is how Darrell Revis feels: Revis to Pats: 'Take the loss like a man' Um, isn't his teammate LaDanian Tomlinson? You want to see someone who complains about things? Look in your own locker room, buddy. Mods, you can move this if there is already a thread.
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    Random thoughts going through my head

    Our team, again, showed up small in a big game. Going through the team: The depleted DL seemed to be the only ones playing really hard, and it just wasn't enough. The LB's were lackluster at best...the middle of the field was wide open Where was Spikes the whole first half? CB's; Devin McCourty...
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    Cromartie trying to outdo Rex

    Mods, please merge if needed Jets' Antonio Cromartie tells Daily News he hates Tom Brady, calls Patriots QB an 'ass----' Oh boy oh boy! God I can't wait for Sunday.
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    Program Alert: WFAN at 10 AM

    Joe Beningo should be a real hoot today. :D
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    Official James Sanders Apology thread

    I've talked sh!t about the guy. I was wrong and am glad he's on the team. Anyone else?
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    OT: Larry Fitzgerald might want out

    Larry Fitzgerald may not be long for Arizona | ProFootballTalk If any of this is true, send one of our firsts and another pick to AZ as soon as allowed.
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    Ravens after-loss trash talk begins

    Doesn't Suggs get tired of hearing himself talk? :blahblah: - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive Terrell Suggs to Tom Brady: “He just better hope he don’t see us again” My favorite: Hey there Terrell, you ain't a playoff team yet. :rolleyes:
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    OT: Cris Carter on WEEI

    He was an insufferable douche and gave very little. I hope he is never on again.