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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Vikings beat the Pats

    No, sir! No! See @iJordonMoore 5 sec. video tweet on the page shortly after your post.
  2. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Vikings (Thanksgiving game)

    These refs have thrown the most flags on average of them all this season. WTF is going on tonight??!!
  3. NFLmac

    2022 OL

    Is there any wonder why he wasn’t a cornhusker? Edit: I mean, how’s he supposed to eat an ear of corn ??
  4. NFLmac

    2022 OL

    Steve Nelson, I think.
  5. NFLmac

    AFC East Race

    It was really nice to see the Vikings win in Buffalo today and break those table abuser’s hearts up there!!
  6. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Day Thread- Pats beat the Jets

    Regarding the beginning question….. Yes, your god damned right it is.
  7. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Jets

    WOW!! Nice interception, D Mac! thanks, Zach Milfson. “Jets being sucked into the Patriots vortex?!” That’s what we heard from a game announcer today. The new meaning for PTSD for the swampland Jete is now Pats Traumatic Stess Disorder! LOL!
  8. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Packers beat the Pats

    LOL! Nice prose. I feel like you “could of”been a writer for the weekly clever script on TV following every episode of Young Sheldon!
  9. NFLmac

    Week 3 Pre Game Thread - Ravens @ Pats

    Try Skipjacks. Always good food.
  10. NFLmac

    We are on to Miami: Official week 1 pregame thread

    Well, that’s easy to do with enough sandbags and rope.
  11. NFLmac

    We are on to Miami: Official week 1 pregame thread

    Here’s hoping the sandbags represent the way they played during this preseason. Maybe the Pats offense will come out Sunday and play like their helmets are on FIRE!
  12. NFLmac

    We are on to Miami: Official week 1 pregame thread

    Jeez, for crying out loud, just like Nancy Reagan used to say….Just say NO to listening to those two a’holes. Really, it’s easy to do and easier to get used to keep doing so.
  13. NFLmac

    Wide Receivers depth chart

    Haha! I love the Zombieland reference!
  14. NFLmac

    Roster Acquisitions - Next Step: Defense

    JEEZZUS! It sure sounds like you’re channeling your inner Pessimistic Pete here, man. I certainly hope the Pat’s sit-she-ation ain’t as dire as you seem to think. At least there’s a ways to go before training camp begins.(fingers crossed)
  15. NFLmac

    Thanks BGC!

    Actually, I believe BGC may be eligible to receive residual check$ every time someone uses “PTP” in a discussion. LOL
  16. NFLmac

    Van Noy Cut

    Van Noy was a great fit for the Pats’ defense for a lot of games. I thank him for that. I will kinda miss his shtick on Quick Slants.
  17. NFLmac


    This halftime is comedy gold!
  18. NFLmac

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

    I cannot help but compare the old great comedic group Not Ready for Prime Time Players to our Saturday Night Live Patriots playoff game. Buffalo has successfully clawed its way back towards the top of the NFL mountain. I’m still gonna love our Pats and be grateful for titles.
  19. NFLmac

    Jan 12: 36th Anniversary of 'Squish the Fish' Game

    Went to this jinx smashing AFCC great game as a gift from/with my brother(Best Man) 5 months before my wedding. Was very surprised by the many Pats fans in attendance! Such a beautiful memory.