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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
  1. Sciz

    Tony Garcia Update

    Patriots notebook: Malcolm Butler battling through illness It was a really bizarre situation considering that he showed up for practice, was seen leaving the practice field, and then never practiced again. Obviously it turned into a pretty big deal. It's good to hear that they're not giving up...
  2. Sciz

    Patriots are signing Patrick Chung Huh?
  3. Sciz

    McDaniels back in the running for the Browns' HC job? We've already heard just about everything that could possibly come out of the Browns' HC search, so this shouldn't be terribly surprising. He supposedly pulled his name out when he learned he wasn't the #1 choice, so it makes sense...
  4. Sciz

    OT: Look out, "Cooking with Bill Belichick"

    Sorry, Belichick. You now have the second best cooking segment of current Pats. Smoothie Tyme with Julian Edelman - YouTube Well, we know how Edelman spent his bye week! I'm a fan, if you can't tell.
  5. Sciz

    Report: Season-ending torn Achilles for Wilfork Yikes... :(
  6. Sciz

    Julian Edelman - Career Punt Return Average Leader

    Now that Edelman has reach the (somewhat arbitrary) 75 returns to qualify for this list, he is now atop the career punt return average list with a 13.0 average. This list is not updated yet, but it gives you an idea of where he fits in: Player Season Finder Query Results -...
  7. Sciz

    Cardinals WR Ryan Swope retires due to concussions After at least four college concussions, Swope wasn't even cleared to take part in non-contact practices, and with training camp starting tomorrow, it seems that either he or the Cardinals just decided it wasn't worth it. I'm glad...
  8. Sciz

    ESPN Forums shutting down and the effect on PatsFans

    I don't know how common of knowledge this is, but the ESPN forums are shutting down on the 17th, and that's causing tons of ESPN posters to head to other forums. There are already some ESPNers here, and there are going to be more over the next two weeks. The problem is that the ESPN forums suck...
  9. Sciz

    Patriots release Brandon Lloyd Makes sense, with the Pats looking to a likely starting duo of Amendola and Sanders. There was talk of him taking a pay cut, but that apparently did not work out. He had a $3M bonus due today at 4.
  10. Sciz

    Patriots can attempt to recover $2.5M from Fanene There's the tidbit that we never knew that pushed things into the Pats' favor. I always thought it was pretty iffy, but it makes a lot of sense now. Edited to reflect other meaning of ambiguous tweet.
  11. Sciz

    Hernandez and Gronkowski Snaps per Position

    Tight End or Wide Receiver? - Offseason Low Down - Great article that used PFF's numbers (at least these are hard to screw up) and put together the percentages that some tight ends spent at each position. The Pats' two are listed below and will probably surprise a lot of people...
  12. Sciz

    Can't edit or view ignored post

    I'm having two probably that I suspect might be related... 1. I can't edit my posts. When I click the edit button, I get but the editing box never comes up. 2. I can't view the posts of people who I have on ignore. The link to make those posts show up just doesn't do anything. I am...
  13. Sciz

    Rumor: Belichick turned down first round pick for Mallett

    I didn't want the title to be obnoxiously long, but something like "Rumor from anonymous Twitterer that claims to have worked in NFL:" would have more accurately described this. Take it for what it's worth. There's this guy on Twitter under the name NFLosophy. His description says that he is a...
  14. Sciz

    Sebastian Vollmer on the first FG

    As you can see there and probably noticed during the game, Vollmer was out wide to the left on the first field goal, and he sort of ran some kind of route. It was 4th and 13, so they definitely weren't passing to him. Are they setting up for a fake sometime later, or is Belichick just screwing...
  15. Sciz

    Pats re-sign Donte Stallworth And there's your vet WR that knows the system.
  16. Sciz

    Dolphins waive Jabar Gaffney I know there was a lot of whining when the Dolphins signed him. Do people still want him back? If the Pats don't want him now, then they probably never will. He had 4 receptions for 68 yards before hurting his knee. He also had at least...
  17. Sciz

    Brian Waters turned down "significant" pay raise Sometimes, even more money won't get it done. Can we stop blaming Belichick for being cheap, now? (This one's for you, ATipp)
  18. Sciz

    Gallery retires, Fiammetta leaves squad (merged)

    Patriots sign two; Veteran G Robert Gallery retires Can't really say that this breaks my heart. Didn't have him on my roster anyway. They also signed two guys I've never heard of and put Fiammetta on the left squad list.
  19. Sciz

    Brady restructures to save $7.2M against this year's cap

    Mac's Football Blog: Patriots Free Up $7.2M In Cap Space By Restructuring Tom Brady's Contract I totally predicted this this:cool: Anyway, there's really no downside to this because any cap room they have left after this season can be added on to next year's cap, so this simply gives them the...
  20. Sciz

    Roster Shuffle: Ventrone Out Again

    Ross Ventrone Status: Released Patriots release Ventrone (again) - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston Poor guy:eek: