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  1. Patriot Missile

    John Clayton passes
  2. Patriot Missile

    Sherman sounds off on Brady Sometimes I forget this guy went to Stanford. Never really thought of the fines that way. Color me enlightened. 2 million dollar fine for...
  3. Patriot Missile

    Browner gets his ring Im sure the NFL will interpret the comments as tampering although far less than what good old Woody did.;);) Love the words, "sorry you left us." Did he really have a choice? Thought it was pretty cool of...
  4. Patriot Missile

    What bothers you the most about all this?

    There is a lot that bothers me all down the line about how this was handled. But the one thing that just really bothers me the most is a perception created by the mediots and NFL that I get so angry about I almost literally catch on fire. It is the perception that Brady wanted the balls...
  5. Patriot Missile

    Pats vs Bengals

    Moving on to the next game as BB would say. It's been a rough week but let's go ahead and speculate on the upcoming matchup. As bad as last week was I do think this team can play better than what we have seen this season. Of course some things have got to be resolved from the coaching to the...
  6. Patriot Missile

    Bruins win Presidents Trophy

    Such a strong season, especially down the stretch. Congrats to the players and coaches. Bring hope the cup and that will make this feat even more impressive.
  7. Patriot Missile

    Give us 5 at each position

    Be realistic, give us 5 players at each position that you would be happy or ok with the Pats drafting. Sure you can put Aaron Donald or Ebron in there but that is highly unlikely without a trade up. Have to head off to work but I'll start with DT. Hageman Tuitt Easley Ellis Kerr. 5...
  8. Patriot Missile

    Pittsburgh this week, then the bye

    Big game coming up this week against Pitt. I'm starting to think they should keep Talib and Kelly out for some more time to heal up. If everything goes right and the healing process works out we could be looking at Kelly,Talib and Vereen back for week 11. No idea on Armstead. That would be a...
  9. Patriot Missile

    Gronkowski on Profile 60 tonight

    Tonight at 8pm Espn 2. Saw a segment earlier today and he did well. What a breath of fresh air this guy is. Charity monster and just comes off as a genuine. Does well with the one tough question you know they are dying to ask.
  10. Patriot Missile

    This is new - Chan Gailey: Focus on stopping the Pats running game

    Gailey: Focus on stopping Patriots run game When is the last time you heard a teams coach make this the focal point of their teams game plan vs the Pats?
  11. Patriot Missile

    Has Belichick ever fired a coach?

    I was just wondering because I can't recall a coach being let go mid or in the offseason in his tenure. Seems they all get promoted.
  12. Patriot Missile

    I like this RG3 guy

    Pretty impressive first 7 games for this kid. Well spoken, gifted athlete and a high iq to go with the Qb position. Very exciting to watch him play the game the way he does. Hope he stays healthy and has a good career as he does run a little too much. Could be a great one some day.
  13. Patriot Missile

    Chargers RB Ryan Mathews out 4-6 weeks

    Expert: Mathews' timetable may be 6 weeks - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN Tough loss.
  14. Patriot Missile

    Youkilis' Letter to Red Sox Nation

    Kevin Youkilis' letter to Red Sox Nation - Boston Red Sox Blog - ESPN Boston I guess this was supposed to be posted earlier but it somehow got lost.
  15. Patriot Missile

    Give us your 20. (Not a Mock}

    Give us your 20 players that the Pats have a realistic shot at without a trade, that improve this team right away or a player you think will be aa monster with time. Keep it realistic, for example Ingram or Richardson are not falling to 27. Basically any round, any school,sleepers included that...
  16. Patriot Missile

    Matt Kalil to stay at USC. Does Barkley follow?

    NFL Draft 2012: Matt Kalil stays at Southern Cal despite being top OT prospect - NFL - Sporting News Changes things a bit. Good for them if they do, but for my own selfish reasons that may be 2 less players to dilute the crop of players when the Pats pick. Personally I think they both...
  17. Patriot Missile

    Luke Kuechly wins Butkus award

    Boston College Eagles' Luke Kuechly wins Butkus Award - ESPN Boston add this Boston College Linebacker Luke Kuechly Wins Butkus Award - BC Interruption Congratulations to him. Averaged almost 16 tackles a game. Tackling machine with great instincts, probably goes anywhere from 10-20 imo...
  18. Patriot Missile

    Sox trade for Erik Bedard

    Sox trade for Bedard - Last minute deal.
  19. Patriot Missile

    5 Reminders on draft day

    1. If you drink, drink moderately during because you may be drinking heavily after round 1 is over. 2. Always watch the draft from a 1st story structure. 3. Never consume food while the pick is being announced. If you do, make sure someone is trained in the heimlich maneuver nearby. 4...
  20. Patriot Missile

    Patriot Missile Mock 1.0

    17. Ryan Kerrigan OLB/DE Purdue. Too much production to overlook. Seems to have all the things Belichick looks for in a LB. 25. Muhammed Wilkerson DE Temple. New England trades 28 and 33 to Seattle for 25,57 and their 2012 1st round pick. 57. Ben Ijalana OL Villanova. Great feet and...