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  1. Z

    NFL Trade Deadline Rumors, including Bourne and Agholar

    I would have traded away Agholor or Wynn, although you weren't getting more than a 7th or conditional 6th maybe. We needed to keep Bourne - WRs are in hot demand across the league and salaries have exploded. He's under contract next year pretty cheaply (as is Parker). If we traded him, we'd have...
  2. Z

    Zappe vs Mac

    The reality is that both QBs are average at best. Our way to success - ball control offense, play action and not turning it over - isn't a method that will beat good teams. And obviously we can have stinkers like tonight too. Just feels like the same offense from the last two years. The biggest...
  3. Z

    Howe: Pats Ecstatic with Mac this Offseason (so far)

    You have to feel optimistic about Mac - professional, hard worker, leader, intelligent. All the off-field attributes you want from your QB. I'm expecting a decent year two jump on what was an impressive rookie season. If Mac improves by just 20%, the offense could take a real step forward.
  4. Z

    Cornerback Assessment/Questions

    One of the big issues last year was the lack of cornerback depth. Once it became clear that Gilmore wasn't going to start the season (for whatever reason), we were pretty thin. I don't think it was Bill's plan to play Mills on the outside originally - and he ended up playing competently but...
  5. Z

    DRAFT Cole Strange-Welcome to the Pats

    I was watching the draft videos the team have put out. The last one had a v.short clip on the trade but it seems like they had this trade planned ahead of time and were executing it before they were even on the clock. Certainly sounded like they had conviction in the trade down and didn't even...
  6. Z

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    After watching some of his cut ups and the analysis of Greg Cosell and others, I'm staggered how some of these draft analysts only had him in the 5th round. I don't think he cracked Jeremiah's top 150. You can question him over Moore/Pickens but how can you not see any big end traits that would...
  7. Z

    DRAFT Patriots select DB Marcus Jones at 85

    I knew Jones won the Paul Hornung Award last year. What I didn't realise was the type of company that put him in. Previous 8 winners: DeVonta Smith, Lynn Bowden, Rondale Moore, Saquon Barkley, Jabrill Peppers, Christian McCaffrey, Shaq Thompson, Odell Beckham.
  8. Z

    BGC 2022 CB/PTP Thread

    It always nice when your binkie actually gets taken. Can't wait to see Jones inaction - pity it might have to wait until training camp.
  9. Z

    Road to TC : Picks & Consequences

    Initial takeaways: Stidham and Harry are gone at some point before or during training camp. They will likely try and wait and see if they can get a late pick for Stidham. Think they would prefer to have Harry gone sooner - to avoid him being a distraction. Agholor should be feeling nervous. If...
  10. Z

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    Harry is definitely gone at some point. Just depends if he is just cut or we can trade him for a bag of balls. I've fallen more and more for the Thornton pick. Maybe Moore and Pickens will end up as better receivers but they aren't what we need. We desperately needed to get faster and have...
  11. Z

    Roster Acquisitions - Next Step: Defense

    We've got less roster spots than you think once you look at the depth chart now with all the rookie additions. I don't see too many additions except for another edge player - Trey Flowers seems obvious - and possibly a nose but then we just re-signed Carl Davis. Otherwise I think we are set.
  12. Z

    So how do you grade this year’s draft?

    I think I gave the draft last year an A. Having thought about the entire draft over the weekend, I think all you can do is give this one a C at this point. Grading a draft the day after is mostly an exercise in comparing where a team took players with a composite media board - basically did they...
  13. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Don't we always carry 5 RBs? Harris, Stevenson, White, Strong, Harris seems a good group and provides insurance if Harris leaves next year. Taylor won't make the team. Last year we had Harris, Stevenson, White, Bolden and Taylor.
  14. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    I like Harris but I can't get behind two RBs.
  15. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Quite a few interesting guys left, especially on the offensive line. Christopher Allen/Jesse Luketa Malcom Rodriguez John Ridgeway Diesch/Walker/Salyer/Hayes/Poe/Lindstrom
  16. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    There goes Waletzko. Really wanted him.
  17. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Wonder if we could still trade Harry for a 5th and get Shakir.
  18. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    We know they don't like Stidham much and Hoyer only has a year left really so getting someone in now who can learn for a year makes loads of sense. We still have three 6ths, which has traditionally been a round we get our o-line depth. Got Onwenu and Herron there a couple of years ago. Pity...
  19. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    There is the RB we all expected. Pierre Strong - fast and can catch the ball. Little undersized.
  20. Z

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Raiders have jumped us for someone they obviously think we want Edit: Farrell the DT