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  1. zydecochris

    Patriots to Run more next season?

    Tom Brady was a good as ever last year, but turns 40 before the season starts. Other teams have tried to emphasize their running game to protect aging Hall-of-Fame QB's from injury (most famously the Broncos in Elway's last two seasons). Do the Patriots plan to run at least a little bit more...
  2. zydecochris

    How important is the #1 seed, and why?

    I think everybody agrees that it is great that the Patriots have the #1 seed. However, it seems to me that the #1 seed is more important in some circumstances and years than others, and I would argue that it depends on two factors: 1. Is there a big home stadium advantage? The most obvious...
  3. zydecochris

    Who are the most irreplaceable Patriot Players?

    Which Patriots players are most irreplaceable? That is, where are the biggest drops between the player and the “next man up”? Who the replacement player is matters, i.e., it matters that Soldier’s replacement is Fleming while McCourty’s replacement is Harmon (who might be the best backup free...
  4. zydecochris

    A rant on wasted opportunity

    PROPOSAL/CONTRACT: The NFL proposes to pay you tens of millions of dollars to play a game. With some stewardship of this money, you should be rich beyond most people’s dreams for the rest of your life. You will be the hero to your new hometown fans. Every head will turn when you walk into a...
  5. zydecochris

    NFL digging dirt on Brady: Is it paranoia if it is true?

    I promise I'm about as far from a paranoid conspiracy theorist as you can get (for example: Area 51 is a secret test facility for planes like stealth aircraft, there are no aliens!!). However, this additional Spygate dirt came out right after Bergman overturned Brady's suspension...
  6. zydecochris

    A respectful anniversary of Brady's demise.

    I would like to ask for a moment of silence for the great Tom Brady's "demise" a year ago, as described by numerous media experts. Let's have a moment of silence for our dearly departed. I hope that his "demise" leads to the same result as last year. :D...
  7. zydecochris

    How is BB as a Personnel Guy?

    It is a slow night, let’s stimulate some conversation! :D How do you think BB is as a personnel guy? What are his strengths and weaknesses, his good moves and his bad ones? Please describe and explain your position. You can focus on whatever time interval or period that you want.
  8. zydecochris

    Is (Patriots) football like chess, or backgammon?

    I was reading a thread about whether Gronk is more likely to be injured in the future, and Mike the Brit said the Gambler’s fallacy is to ascribe pattern in random events. This initiated a rare event: it got me thinking, so here is my first (and perhaps my only, given my lack of original...