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Dec 1st
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    Adam Zimmer passes

    Just read some sad news that Adam Zimmer (Mike Zimmers son) passed away at the age of 38....sad and much too young.
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    Outwith the events going on in the UK just now I also remembered the date..... 9/ thoughts to you in the US and to those impacted. RIP
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    NFL 2022 Cuts Tracker

    Maybe of interest to some if not the Mods can delete ?
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    College Expansion / Realignment

    I thought this maybe worth a thread , if not then maybe we could rename this as News thread and or 2022/2023 Game thread
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    Patriots restructure Dave Andrews contract
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    Hard Knocks 2022

    The Arizona Cardinals are this years team on Hard Knocks. I know this program is not everyones favourite but should still be fun with or without Kyler Murray ?
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    2022 International Games Announced

    For Info.. London UK Vikings v Saints - 9.30 ET October 2nd Giants v Packers - 9.30 ET October 9th Broncos v Jags - 9.30 ET Oct0ber 30th Munich Germany Seahawks v Bucs - 9.30 ET Nov 13th I think there is also a game in Mexico but I have not seen anything on that yet.
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    OT : Hard Knocks 2022 - Detroit Lions

    Cant wait !
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    2022 NFL Scouting Combine 1st to 7th March

    The combine is with us from the 1st to 7th March and I thought I would start a thread about it. I am terrible with social media but if any posters have found good twitter reports etc maybe they could go here ??
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    OT: Chiefs release Cornerback

    KC just keeps delivering
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    Steelers Next QB

    Just curious on this one , who will be the next Steelers QB ?? I know most of us dont care but interesting to see what they will do. I dont think their back ups are that good
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    OT : RIP Dan Reeves

    Just saw this on the news over here. One of the coaches that was around when I first started watching football. RIP
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    OT : Happy New Year Everyone

    OK, I am a bit early but I have never been one for celebrating the New Year by staying awake into the small hours. So, A Happy New Year and Good Health in 2022 to everyone on the board and their families. I hope 2022 is kinder to us all. Enjoy yourselves
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    US Open Tennis

    What a match , both players played great tennis. Also I was very impressed by the Flushing Meadows venue , especially given the date and how it was remembered
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    2021 / 2022 College Games

    Just noticed that the College season has begun so I created the thread. If anyone thinks it is not worth it or it should be moved then no problem.
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    Dallas Cowboys chosen for Hard Knocks

    Calling Jerry Jones front and centre , will anybody else feature in the programme ?
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    Texans Executive resigns

    Texans President Jamey Rootes has resigned , as they say "another one bites the dust"
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    2020 College Games

    Dont know if there will be any interest to start a thread etc. Just about to watch BYU and Navy.....bit of a one sided game , I would have thought this would have been closer as I thought Navy had a good season last year ?