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  1. Bill Lee

    A pep talk for Tom

    ... from NFL Media's writer and podcaster Gregg Rosenthal.
  2. Bill Lee

    James White Retires

    Man, I will miss him! So will the team. No one on the roster does what he used to do for the team.
  3. Bill Lee

    OT: NFL Team Revenue vs Player Salary Cap

    It's that time of year again. The Packers are publicly owned, they trade on the market (yes, those shares they sell are shares, albeit non-voting), so they have to publish financial information. It's pretty darn revealing. Now, consider teams don't actually spend up to the $182.5M cap number...
  4. Bill Lee

    OT: Brees One And Done at NBC
  5. Bill Lee

    Happy Birthday to one of the greatest CFs Evah!

    Just wanted to post this picture in the hopes that it brings back some fond memories!
  6. Bill Lee

    OT: WFT To Become "The Commanders"

    Should know in less than 12 hours for sure, but the clues are really lining up: The name is just as boring as the team, IMO. Luckily for Snyder, Ross has taken his spot as the NFL's whipping...
  7. Bill Lee

    The Derek Carr - Mac Jones Comp

    I heard during draft season that one of the comps for Mac was Derek Carr. I watched the LV-CIN game then BUF-NE and could see it why that comp was made. Good but not elite physically. Better than average at processing the field. Makes some throws you think he should not, both good...
  8. Bill Lee

    OT: Issues with Channel 25 Over The Air?

    Question: Is anyone else having problems getting CH25 FOX Boston over the air (not cable) who normally can get it OK? I usually get it OK, occasionally with some freezes, but tonight, I don't get a picture at all. Luckily Plan B, Amazon on Roku, is working, but I am kinda curious if this is...
  9. Bill Lee

    Bye, bye Byrdie...

    We hardly knew ya...
  10. Bill Lee

    POLL: How many starts will Mac Jones get in the 2021-2022 Season?

    Let's keep it simple and stop sitting on the fence: how many starts will Mac Jones get in the 2021-2022 Season?
  11. Bill Lee

    Lombardi: New Orleans was trying to get above New England to get Mac Jones

    More to chew on, before the post-draft buzz totally fades away:
  12. Bill Lee

    POLL: What will the Patriots do with pick #15?

    Trying to keep it simple: What do we do with pick #15? Poo flingers: ready, aim, fire!
  13. Bill Lee

    4/23/1993: Patriots pick Drew Bledsoe #1 Overall

    Twenty eight years ago today... A quick blurb from his Wikipedia page: Ref: Drew Bledsoe - Wikipedia Kind of resonates with our conversation in the BB draft strategy thread, these days we value ability to read and react more and the big arm less. Still, picking him really elevated the...
  14. Bill Lee

    BB Presser on Draft Process 4/15

    Didn't see a thread here on this presser, and now the transcript is up: It also got dissected by Curran and Perry on their podcast...
  15. Bill Lee

    Lombardi's Take on Our Draft, Analyzed by Curran and Perry

    I found Lombardi's view on how the Patriots draft (let me tell you how I think, not what I think) and what it means in the context of this year's Patriots draft, to be very interesting. Also found Curran and Perry's analysis/debate of Lombardi's points to be very interesting as well. Also...
  16. Bill Lee

    Miami's on to Tua

    Kinda shocking. MIA is in the lead in the AFCE. Why rock the boat? Something going on that we don't know? Maybe Fitzy has the 'rona?
  17. Bill Lee

    James White is back!

    Great to see!
  18. Bill Lee

    OT: Jete Sign Chris Hogan

    Roundup: New York Jets signing veteran wide receiver Chris Hogan Maybe he and Adam Gaze will have staring contests?