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  1. Betterthanmost

    Jakob Johnson Appreciation-Tsunami of destruction

    Most improved player? Tape does not lie.
  2. Betterthanmost

    Jamie Collins Appreciation Thread

    Keep feeding Jamie, keep feeding.... His int vs the Panthers is a work of art.
  3. Betterthanmost

    OT: Jaylen Smith's plays question

    For the coaches and those who played LB, what do you see from what this video is portraying as weakness? Was it scheme issues? Was he trying to do the job of others or was he just trying not o get injured?
  4. Betterthanmost

    Player Signing Welcome Henry Anderson

    I guess people are tired from the flurry of moves that you have been neglected, but relax, I am here to ensure you get your red carpet as well. Welcome. Now go and be a heathy Mike Wright. I like this signing a lot. Pushes the pocket consistently...
  5. Betterthanmost

    NFL increases minimum salary cap to $180 million in 2021

    Free agency is going to be crazy. I was expecting same as last year or lesser. What are we looking at now in CAP Space?
  6. Betterthanmost

    Earl Thomas allegedly sent intimate videos with his wife to her Parents.

    CTE? This is not normal behavior. I have labeled him as an ahole but this is beyond the pale. Sign the beast?
  7. Betterthanmost


    Yep. BB is the best. I am glad. That is all. This thread is just about the good that is BB. Please do not derail it. :p
  8. Betterthanmost

    James White's role in this offense.

    I understand White is dealing with a lot this year and possibly beyond. What do you make of his reduced touches/catches lately? In 5 games counting from niners, he has touched the ball 13 times combined rushing and receiving. What are some likely explanation in his reduced role? Cam's...
  9. Betterthanmost

    What is going on at the TE position?

    I don't understand it, do we just have horrible Tight Ends or is there a plan I can't see? Asiasi? Keene? Are they just too inexperienced or are they not good enough at this level? I was hoping to see something from a TE by now, any TE. I think they collectively just have one catch in four...
  10. Betterthanmost

    OT: Your Sports fix is here

    With absolutely no sports to escape to, this is actually working for me. Watch the rest of the races and you will be surprise to find yourself actually rooting for certain names... p.s. I have not gone crazy yet.
  11. Betterthanmost

    Coaching Vacancies

    Browns job is open. Any takers? It is one job I think any competent Coach should be salivating to get.
  12. Betterthanmost

    Marcus Cannon's illness

    I am beginning to think it may not be a case of just the flu. BB hardly goes out of his way to praise people after a game for playing through injury or pain, but he was overly effusive after the Cowboys game to the extent that I fear Cannon may be dealing with something more serious. My fear...
  13. Betterthanmost

    Gronk's issue with part of the Patriots Way under BB

    I understand him but I also think maintaining that mental discipline to intentionally disregard milestone successes is the reason for the Patriots sustain dominance. Gronk is complaining about an approach that has won 6 super bowls. It is now obvious that his personality conflicted with BB's and...
  14. Betterthanmost

    Ravens signing of Richards and Kamalu

    Real need or just fishing for intel? Harbaugh is either nervous or trying to offset some strange loss in his mind with Bechtel.
  15. Betterthanmost

    Dwayne Allen, Where is he?

    Where the hell is he and why is his name not being floated? Izzo's skill set does not translate to the NFL as a legitimate TE. He can be a slow slot receiver but he can't block, misses his assignment in the run game and renders the run game play calls useless. Is Allen still injured? Does he...
  16. Betterthanmost

    America's Game: 2018. Wednesday 9/4

    I have been waiting for this, NFL network will air it on Wednesday 9pm ET.
  17. Betterthanmost

    OT: Rumor that Dak Prescott declines 30M a year.

    Dallas radio sports shows are reporting that Dak and his team are looking for 40M a year and have rejected Cowboys offer of 30M/year.
  18. Betterthanmost

    When will they change the name of the trophy?

    No need for a lot of words here, but I don't think it should be just called the Vince Lombardi trophy anymore. I know some prefer to stick wtih tradition but my gawd, there is another name that at a minimum needs to be shared on that trophy if not outright be used. Regardless of the outcome of...
  19. Betterthanmost

    NFL Week 6 TNF: Eagles at Giants

    PHI @ NYG to start off week 6. NFL ratings are up and I may be part of a group who are just enjoying watching the Eagles learn how difficult it is to stay at the top. I don't support any of these two teams but I will very much enjoy an Eagles loss.