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  1. Snooky97

    Patriots Prospect Tracker - Interviews/Meetings

    Hey everyone! Bad way to end the season but at least we can look forward to the draft/off season. Again another key year for us in the draft. After last years draft i'm hoping we can have the success again. Will update this as i see reports
  2. Snooky97

    Patriots Interviews/Meetings

    Not sure if this needs it’s own thread or not, so mods feel free to merge to the appropriate thread. Patriots pre-draft tracker: Keeping tabs on New England’s interviews, workouts and meetings
  3. Snooky97

    Combine Measurements

    Here is a list of the measurements so far - It's on a twitter thread
  4. Snooky97

    Combine Participants

    NFL Events: Combine Participants
  5. Snooky97

    Senior Bowl

    Senior bowl has just started so thought we should have a thread on guys that seem to stand out.
  6. Snooky97

    Trade Deadline

    Thought it would be good to just have a thread where we could put rumours or possible targets that we could look at. So the Sanu thread or other similar threads don’t get crossed over. one guy I’m surprised hasn’t been made a lot of is Hunter Henry..
  7. Snooky97

    2020 NFL Draft Prospects

    We're onto 2020 Draft. One guy i will be following closely this season will be Tee Higgins WR...
  8. Snooky97

    OT: Junior Seau 30 for 30

    Just watched the ESPN documentary about Junior Seau 30 for 30. It is an unbelievable documentary and upsetting. If anyone would like to watch it let me know and I can send you the link.
  9. Snooky97

    OT: 2007 Patriots

    I’ve tried to watch a lot of the 07 games recently as I’ve just wanted to find out how dominate we were that year.. Also does anyone else think if the 15” season patriots didn’t suffer so many injuries that season do they finish 16-0? I was still fairly young when the 07 season happened and...
  10. Snooky97

    OT: Title Town 2.0

    Well worth the watch. It's a long one!
  11. Snooky97

    Official 2019 Trade Rumours

    Thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for guys we should look at trading for as well as any league trades that are going to happen. MODS; feel free to merge related threads into this one if it makes sense too.
  12. Snooky97

    Greg Schiano to be named DC

    What can we expect from Schiano then?
  13. Snooky97

    Do we go for 2?

    Hey all, I know against the Falcons, BB said if they scored first they were thinking about going for two, to put more pressure on them. Do we think that this may be considered this year? Give Goff and McVay more to think about?
  14. Snooky97

    Draft Breakdown Footage

    Hey All, I’ve spent the last few days collecting footage of the draft prospects for this year. So far I have done WRs and DL. If there’s any position groups you want me to prioritise then let me know and I will get it sorted. Will put the links in below...
  15. Snooky97

    Dante Scarnecchia

    Once again Scar has been unbelievable for the development of this offensive line. Every single guy seems to improve every year under his guidance and knowledge. This article below is also worth a read as well. Who Has the Juice: NFL Offensive Line Coaches - Optimum Scouting
  16. Snooky97

    OT - Takkarist McKinley

    Hope he manages to get the right help. Seems like Dan Quinn is fully behind him and wanting to support him. Falcons defensive end Takkarist McKinley detained for mental evaluation after incident at hotel
  17. Snooky97

    Ideal Draft

    I was speaking to one of the Draft Gods on here @BaconGrundleCandy about what his ideal draft would be for this years draft coming up. Thought it would be a good idea for all of us to have a think what we could end up with potentially. Trade ups etc are all good but just make sure to be...
  18. Snooky97

    Free Agent Targets 2019

    Just saw a post on twitter about the potential free agents for this year coming up. One guy who I took interest in and who we will be playing against this Sunday is Anthony Barr
  19. Snooky97

    Tom Brady..

    I don’t understand why a lot of media are saying Brady doesn’t look sharp or unbelievable accurate. Do I think Brady has regressed? No, I think this season has been hard for him for a few reasons. 1. Not having Jules for the first 4 games hurt us a lot more than I thought it would. 2. No...
  20. Snooky97

    Ruben Foster

    Has been released due to DV