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    The 2022 College Watch Thread.

    Darn....I forgot that there was more games on due to Thanksgiving , anyway todays games for me..... South Carolina v Clemson Georgia Tech v Georgia Oregon v Oregon State Auburn v Alabama Notre Dame v USC LSU v Texas A & M Washington v WSU
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mmmmm......I could , the boss is away until Friday.....I could even have a party
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.......thought I would not have internet for a day or so. Anyway the game is at 01.20am in the UK so too late for me...hope you enjoy it.
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

    Just on this , I saw an earlier post where the player that was hit had actually run out of bounds before the hit. If the hit was called as illegal would they have looked at the entire play ??
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    World Cup 2022

    Excellent goal , that may wake the Welsh up.
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    Kudos to Mike Palardy

    Good post......he did very well. Easy to forget about the punter , he played his part.
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    World Cup 2022

    Netherlands v Senegal is not to bad a game. Senegal are very physical. However , cant get excited enough to watch a whole game far
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    The 2022 College Watch Thread.

    Games for me..... Oklahoma St v Oklahoma (big one for us as my son went to State for a year)....Go Pokes Illinois v Michigan Georgia v Kentucky Tennessee v South Carolina Utah v Oregon Apart from Ok State , its Georgia , Tennessee and Utah
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    NFL Week 10 Other Games

    I am looking forward to the Pats v Vikings game and how BB schemes against that offence.....even with Kirk Cousins !!
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    NFL Week 10 Other Games

    As per the above message I read that things are not going well in the Raiders locker room ala Derek Carr et al.
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    NFL Week 10 Other Games

    Goodness , I went to bed thinking the Vikings had lost but saw the score this morning.....what a game. Those catches by Diggs and Jefferson were amazing.
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    The 2022 College Watch Thread.

    Games on UK this weekend... LSU v Arkansas Alabama v Ole Miss Nebraska v Michigan TCU v Texas Georgia v Mississippi State Stanford v Utah I have not really seen Alabama so far this season so may watch their game...TCU v Texas might be good.
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    2023 Mock Drafts

    Yeah, must admit I have been doing some mocks myself however I need to do some more homework on the players.
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    Pre-game Thread: Jets @ Pats

    Regardless of just falling short , a great achievement , plenty to be proud of.
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    2023 Draft Prospects

    Maybe its only a snapshot but does OT move up in the order of needs for the 2023 draft based on what we are seeing now.
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    OT: Reich Fired

    I did not think Reich deserved the sack seems a decent coach.
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    The 2022 College Watch Thread.

    I did not realise this game was on today......I will have to watch the highlights
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    The 2022 College Watch Thread.

    Going to watch out for Georgia TE Darnell Washington = beast !