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Dec 1st
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  1. Snooky97

    Who are your top 5 "most important" players for 2022?

    Uche - Need some presence on the other edge Barmore - Could become our next Seymour type Mac Jones - Team goes where he goes Marcus/ Jack Jones - hopefully we have two of our future corners. Plus Marcus Jones could be electric on special teams
  2. Snooky97

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official UDFA tracker

    Surprised he lasted this long. Thought someone would of picked him up during the later rounds and then when that didn't happen was sure he'd be one of the first UDFA picked up. Think he'd be a star no matter where he ends up, as long as he can stay healthy.
  3. Snooky97

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Think it will mainly be the tackles getting moved on unless they play very well this season and show they can stay healthy, which has been the major problem. Would be surprised at Andrews, mainly due to his experience.
  4. Snooky97

    DRAFT Welcome Bailey Zappe - QB - pick #137

    I understand that, and thats fine. I just don't like the value and don't understand why we'd take him in the 4th. Nothing against the player just is it worth it in the 4th round.
  5. Snooky97

    So how do you grade this year’s draft?

    C. Not Great but not horrendous. Will need to revisit this in a year time to see what i would give it, but there are some picks i just don't get the value. Mainly the Cole Strange and Zappe, but i think that will always be like that for me, as i just don't understand why they picked them when...
  6. Snooky97

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Honestly Justyn Ross if he was healthy and had a proper QB play, he'd be top 64 pick. If his medicals have checked out, i have no idea why he wasn't drafted.
  7. Snooky97

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Really surprised that Justyn Ross hasn’t been picked up in these last two rounds. Despite his medicals, when he had a legit QB who could throw to him he was at times unguardable. Hope he gets picked up in the UDFA. Hopefully by us if not I could see him at the jags.
  8. Snooky97

    Potential late round/UDFA's you like?

    Justyn Ross. His medicals are red flags but when he had a competent QB the guy was Julio Jones 2.0.. if he doesn’t get picked up with these remaining picks I think he could be one of the biggest steals in recent history.
  9. Snooky97

    2022 PTP Draft Board / Pats Draft Talk

    Really don’t understand our draft this year. Cole Strange, Bailey Zappe are the very confusing and odd picks. Strange I still don’t understand and don’t think I will, I preferred Kinnard, Jamaree Salyer both who went in the 5th and sixth rounds, who I feel would be better players. Bailey Zappe...
  10. Snooky97

    DRAFT Welcome Bailey Zappe - QB - pick #137

    Again I don’t mind the pick, it’s where he’s picked I have an issue with. We took him in the 4th where I think we still could get an impact player to help now, and we could of possibly got him in the 6th.
  11. Snooky97

    DRAFT Welcome Bailey Zappe - QB - pick #137

    Ridiculous production, in a more modern air raid type system. Seems to be our future back up and replaces Stidham. Maybe they try and trade Stidham for a pick or something. Don’t really like the pick for where we selected him, would of thought we could of got him in the sixth round, but if he...
  12. Snooky97

    DRAFT Patriots select DB Marcus Jones at 85

    Really good pick I feel, We are facing some of the quicker WRs in our division and this guy can straight fly and match them. He’s also a threat every time he touches the ball to score as well. Think he will be our punt and kick return guy from day one. Wouldn’t surprise me if he also sees snaps...
  13. Snooky97

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    It looks like his speed actually translates into the game, which is the key. Guy is a legit threat every time he gets the ball in his hands, which we haven’t had for years. Better hands than i thought he would have and seems to be a hands catcher which is always a good sign. Hopefully he will...
  14. Snooky97

    Draft Day 2 - Pregame thread

    There are multiple guys I’d like us to go and get. Travis Jones, Booth, Metchie, Troy Anderson, Christian Harris, Nakobe Dean, Boye Mafe, Channing Tindall. Which makes the Cole Strange pick hurt even more as the value with picking him just isn’t there. I’d of been fine taking him in the second...