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Dec 1st
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  1. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    ANYBODY but Hoyer

    I don't care WHO starts at this point at QB It could be Jimmy G, this zappe (I know nothing about him honestly), Randy Moss, @Kontradiction , @MAC10 , SpongeBob SquarePants or even Tony Dungy. Anybody but Hoyer. Please!
  2. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    New nickname for the Miami Dolphins?

    For years I've had to see people calling us the "New England Cheatriots". What do you think we should call the Miami Dolphins now since they've been exposed as cheaters? Nickname ideas?
  3. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    What are you expecting from Mac Jones this season?

    After a good first year for a rookie, what improvements are you looking for from our QB? Also, what would be a suitable TD-Int ratio? He's a second year now so I no longer will give him a pass with him being a rookie but he's still young so I will be understanding. Last season I thought he...
  4. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Is the brady vs belichick debate ruining this board or is it just me?

    I feel like its been discussed on 80% of threads for the last 2 years with no end in sight. The same arguments are brought up and its just one side trashing the other nonstop. It might just be me, but I feel like over the last two years its gotten noticebly bad.
  5. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    I think Joe Burrow and the Bengals are winning it all

    Ive seen comparisons that the 2021 Bengals are similar to the 2001 Patriots. Underdogs that go unnoticed by the league until its too late. I think they are going to win it all. However, this thread has a second point. Do you see this Bengals team any similar to the 01 Pats?
  6. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Is this the end of a potential Chiefs dynasty?

    Chiefs are a great team, no doubt. With that said, the possibility of winning three superbowls in four years is now over and they will now need to win a superbowl and reset in order to do what few teams can do. Even if you don't consider 3 in 4 years a dynasty, they probably won't win 3 in 5...
  7. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Is andy reid a top 10 coach of all time?

    I think a sb win this year cements it but i think he's already close.
  8. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    I'm calling it: We upset the Bills

    It might be my homerism talking, but I am feeling really good about an upset today. I have a feeling (and for good reason) we will have doubters going into this game, but something is telling me we win today and lose in the divisional or afccg.
  9. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Will Dolphins make playoffs?

    Obviously a division rival and I get we are supposed to hate them but starting 1-7 and winning 7 in a row to become 8-7 and to be 7th seed in afc is impressive no matter the competition they faced. I can respect it. Do you think they get in?
  10. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    No matter what, this was a successful season.

    It seems like the Patriots have fallen back to reality, but no matter what happens... this season in my opinion was a success. 9+ wins and at least a glimpse of a good future. This season was always going to be a rebuild and anything more than what we have now is gravy. I really think next...
  11. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    It feels like old times..

    The way we are winning feels like the dynasty Patriots. It goes beyond the blowouts. Its the coaching. We seem more prepared and it feels like no matter which game, its likely a win. I think RobertWeathers is right, why not this team? I believe.
  12. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Bill Belichick appreciation thread

    Still the GOAT. This team is the class of the AFC.
  13. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Americas worst nightmare hasnt ended yet

    5-4 record and we've won three straight. Buffalo's division lead slowly slipping away... Its still early but the NFL better watch out. This is a playoff team IMO.
  14. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Mac Jones appreciation thread

    I think we found our future QB. We have a lot to be excited for imo...
  15. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Lets stun the Bucs

    Nobody is giving us a chance in hell to win this game. I understand we don't have Brady, but there have been so many "NE has no chance to win this game" and they end up shutting the critics up. In a dream world, this is Mac's coming out party. We win 31-23. We can always dream and stay...
  16. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Mahomes will never be better than Brady

    Mahomes is a fantastic player and he is more gifted than him in some areas, but this game in my opinion ended any SLIM possibility of Mahomes passing Brady as the GOAT. Brady is 3-2 versus Mahomes and 2-0 versus him in playoffs and owns a Super bowl win over the guy. You could argue Brady led...
  17. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Matthew Slater - Hall of famer?

    Hey guys. I recently read an article that stated Belichick saw Slater as the best to ever do it. I don't know how much of that is biased being his coach, but that's fantastic praise coming from the GOAT coach. I also heard Slater (Mccourty also) plan to return for the 2021 season which I love to...
  18. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Kinda OT: Who would you rather win the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers?

    Who would you be able to stomach more winning the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers? Try not to say neither because I think its obvious we want our Patriots to win. I'm just curious on the opinions on everybody here and your view on both franchises. On one side, the dynasty talks for Chiefs...
  19. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Bench Newton!

    I'm on board. Can't believe I drank the Sham Newton koolaid. Hopefully next week is the end of the Cam Newton experiment. I tried rooting for him and wanted him him to succeed, but he's washed up. Bench him Belichick!
  20. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    2-5.. Am I the only one who is okay with this?

    This team has brought me so much joy over the last 13 years. So many AFC East crowns.. playoffs nearly every season. AFCCG seemed like the norm. Also, superbowl victories. I feel no anger or sadness like so many "haters" predicted the "spoiled" fans would. I still plan to watch this team every...