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Oct 9th
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    MAC10 out of practice 9/15 with illness

    doomed if Hoyer is behind the center this weekend...
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    Cowherd thinks BB retires after the season...

    "Program going backwards, Bob Kraft sick of his surliness and the way it went down with TB12, nice round age of 70"...
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    OT: Gruden sues NFL and Goodell
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    Losing our 3rd rounder... another farcical punishment for a non-football operation misstep...
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    So Brady was chapped with McDaniels?

    Report: Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels' 'Deteriorating Relationship' Fueled Pats Exit
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    "Tom Brady, welcome to Florida's quarterbacking graveyard"

    A Floridian viewpoint: Mike Bianchi: Tom Brady, welcome to Florida's quarterbacking graveyard
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    The Herd: "Brady may be at fault for Pats' WR woes"

    relevant part begins at 4:30 consider the source and all that, but it is interesting..... if this guy sees this, you know BB does.
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    shannon sharpe says to take out TB12's knee...

    ...If he goes out to block again. what a jack*ss... Shannon Sharpe’s Hatred For Tom Brady At All-Time High In This Dumb Tweet
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    BB always thinking...Patriots use two different planes to get to Houston

    Due to illnesses, Patriots use two different planes to get to Houston
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    GOAT porn...

    that doesn't sound right!
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    OT The Hammer dropped on The Hammer for being Hammered...

    Mallett arrested on suspicion of DWI Ex-NFL QB Mallett arrested on suspicion of DWI
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    OT Gronk shares disturbing detail about "liquid in his head" whenever you question a guy's decision to leave the violent game of football... think about stories like this. I hope Gronk's brain isn't turning to mush...
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    OT looks like Jimmy G had a tough outing

    in his first action after the ACL tear... Jimmy Garoppolo Returned To NFL Game Action, And It Went Very Poorly
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    OT: Gronk's first acting job

    10 second gig... VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Re-Emerges as Security Guard at Billboard Music Awards
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    rumor: Brady not expected to be a regular participant in offseason program

    it looks like TB12 intends to miss more than just the first day of the offseason program: NFL Rumors: Tom Brady May Not Be ‘Regular Participant’ In Offseason Program
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    "thermometer gate"

    screwing with the Jete.. Did the Patriots just start Thermometergate with the Jets? harmless fun to get in their heads.
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    can't track the pats plane anymore...

    This aircraft (N36NE) is not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator Live Flight Tracker ✈ FlightAware up until the trip to colorado springs, you could. hopefully its temporary and has something to do with the flight to mexico?
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    Great article on the GOAT

    yeah.. its Peter King. But this kind of article needs special access and he seems to have it: Tom Brady, in Montana, on lifestyle, legacy, NFL future | The MMQB with Peter King
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    some will see this as blasphemy, but...

    Bear with me. There is absolutely nothing more Brady & Belichik need to so to cement their legacy as the GOAT QB/Coach tandem of all time... Unless you are brain damaged like Marshall Faulk, this is no longer in dispute. All that's left is individual accolades. All the haters can come up with...
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    brutal article on Goodell/NFL

    how can this guy continue to "lead" the league? A little bit of vindication for the GOAT regarding the deflate-gate railroading job too.. Hurley: After Making Most Offensive Statement, Roger Goodell Deserves To Lose Job As NFL Commissioner