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    Tyreek Hill Investigation

    This is why I read and don't post.
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    Be honest: Do the OT rules to end games need changing?

    Don't remember Atlanta looking for a rule change after the Super Bowl.
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    PLEASE READ: Board Tutorial - (Please Read First Post Before Posting Questions)

    I thought I should thank you. The Twitter a are now working.
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    PLEASE READ: Board Tutorial - (Please Read First Post Before Posting Questions)

    I have never had a Twitter account but some of the Twitter links in the forum won't open. I have a chrome browser. Pretty certain it's me. Thanks for any ideas. It's been happening off an on since October.
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    Browns Fire Hue Jackson

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    Browns Fire Hue Jackson

    Exactly what I was thinking
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    Most career Touchdowns

    My only issue was the big deal when Manning was the first to 200 wins. This counted playoff wins. Be consistent.
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    My notes from rewatching the 2017 season:

    My review of 2017 is simple. I saw too many plays that I could see the players names on defense. If your chasing that's not a good sign. When people are critical of Butler's benching, he was benched for Rowe until he got hurt in the same game. Butler was always chasing.
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    Matt Light Voted to Patriots HOF

    All deserving. I think Seymour will be last because of how he left.
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    Jimmy Garoppolo traded to SF for 2018 2nd round draft pick

    How many of these stupid treads are we going to have?
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    Post Game Thread Texans @ Pats

    I rarely comment or post, but an analysis by someone who didn't watch the game is priceless.
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    How old are you. Adams was dominant in his time on a losing team.
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    Patriots Propaganda Likely to Bear Fruit with Garoppolo

    Why a first and fourth? The Pats forfeit their highest fourth this draft. Just bad reporting.
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    Civil Fraud vs Defamation

    Read the definition of Civil Fraud. I came across it in a case vs NC and it clearly applies. The attorneys I spoke with said it's more effective.
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    Civil Fraud vs Defamation

    Civil Fraud may be the best path to resolve deflategate. This places a greater burden on the NFL and doesn't open Brady up to the same risks. Enjoy the discussion.
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    Why a settlement doesn't work for either party

    Neither side can accept a losing decision. If the NFLPA agrees to a settlement it will establish criteria for the players that would allow the NFL to suspend for lack of cooperation (which is undefined), general awareness of others wrong doing, and lack of notice. If the NFL settles it would...