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    Offensive Line taught to not make any movement for penalty plays.

    It makes no sense. How is letting your QB get killed a good thing? If the defense jumps offsides it is a "free play". That doesnt mean the D-Line won't try and sack the QB.
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    Bruins Goal Horn At Gillete?

    I thought it was a joke as well. Can't believe people actually posted their disdain for the Bruins.
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    Week 8 NFL Games Thread

    The Pats game is on FOX so the CBS game doesn't matter.
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    Week 8 NFL Games Thread

    I have that same feeling. Please no last minute LT TD.
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    Terrell Suggs on Brady "I'll get the last laugh"

    I see no threats here. Just a bunch of guys talking tough even though nothing will come of it.
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    Tom Brady is leading the league in passer rating

    But....what about the s'mores?? :D
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    Brady speaks on WEEI; it's established: Casserly reported made-up crap

    I agree, did we actually expect Brady to come out and say that they got into a huge argument. He will continue to stay professional.
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    New Vikings fans

    Oh holy crap, I completely forgot about NEM. I never visited the political forum so I don't know what happened there but I do miss some of his crazy posts in the main forum.
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    I am surprised no one caught this Borges Gem

    Hey you all, how about Ron Borges and that quote in Peter King's column?
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    No Super team for sure

    Plenty of 0 and 5's to go around.
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    Let's Go Chiefs! - Week 5 NFL Games Thread

    Re: Let's Go Chiefs! - Week 5 Early NFL Games Thread Come on Cheifs, you have gone into the 4th quarter without giving up a TD. Just get 1 and you can win this.
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    Reiss: Outburst was with O'Brien, not Belichick

    How nice to see Pats fan actually waiting for us to fail. I guess that will allow you to say "Told you so!.
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    If Moss trade happens, have your expectations of the 2010 season gone down?

    Re: If Moss trade happens, how is your interest in the rest of 2010? Why would losing Moss change Pats fans excitement for this team? It's not like Brady is getting traded for a 4th round pick.
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    The Official Patriots Draft (Day 1) thread

    I was just thinking that. Completely ruins the experience.
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    Brady to stay in Los Angeles during voluntary offseason workouts

    Re: Brady to stay in Los Angeles during offseason workouts Did I miss the "voluntary" part of this training camp. I get that he always showed up early but his personal life has changed. Once he starting missing mandatory training camps, then I will get worried.
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    Another Stint On Dale & Holley Today From 10-2

    Well if my team were the Pirates I would crap all over the Red Sox as well. Do they still have a QB in Pittsburgh?
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    Another data point on Brady's rehab [merged]

    Re: It never ends for Tom... I always find it strange, they said it made them "gag" watching the two of them. Here is a novel suggestion, STOP staring at them. Something tells me they are not the only couple on a beautiful beach getting cozy.
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    Watching the playoffs is making the Pats' absence more painful

    I agree, the fact that the Cards will be playing more games this year than the Pats is killing me. The Pats could have destroyed any of the teams we have seen so far. Hopefully the games tomorrow prove to be better.
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    BB at tonight's National Championship Game

    BB is leaning back and his chair seems to be much farther back than the other 3.
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    Quarterbacks I'd take Cassel over

    I'd take McNabb over Cassel as well and would easily take Cassel over Romo.