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  1. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    Interesting. Vitale was 6'1" 235 at the combine, but he's listed at 6'0" 225 in the NFL. That, plus his timed speed, gives me a different impression of him. I didn't really know anything about him until now. So, judging by some college tape that I just watched, he really does have nice receiving...
  2. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I think this is overrated just a bit. It's just football. If you're at TE and you have to get out to the MLB for a block or have to wham the DT, it's not THAT different from lead blocking from a FB position. I think most coaches just don't even try to put their players in those positions to...
  3. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I think this stat is biased against zone blocking. Runners in zone schemes attempt to gain yards in a different way than if they are in man schemes. Additionally, zone plays can tend to get blown up in ways that differ from a man blocking play (e.g. a zone play might leave someone on the line of...
  4. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    The lack of any receiving threats in the FB/TE group along with a lack of deep threats also made the passing game VERY stale in base personnel, which made it more predictable and also limited what the blocking could accomplish.
  5. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I agree with much of this sentiment, but I think it will be the opposite regarding the shape of the passing attack. The goal will be run and play action, with the play action stretching the middle and deeper parts of the field. It doesn't have to be a streak, but it does have to be more than...
  6. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I agree that having the best lead blocker is most important if your scheme relies heavily on a lead blocker (and it should, if you know what's good for you). But, it's not like there's a HoF FB on the roster. I just don't know that we have someone who is so much better at lead blocking that it's...
  7. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I think a FB who just plays fullback, instead of doing an equal amount of wing TE and slot WR, makes the offense less dynamic. Sure, you can go to 3WR, 2WR2TE, or some other personnel if you want to change up your looks, but what if you can get your 5 best guys on the field and have them do more...
  8. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    I think it's just like saying flanker instead of 'Z'.
  9. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    Educate me... I've mostly seen RPOs in 3WR shotgun looks. Yes, there's also 2WR 2TE shotgun, but it always seems to be again a singleback backfield in the shotgun. Very different from a downfield rushing attack from under center with a lead blocker. Say you had an H-Back scheme and you...
  10. miloofcroton

    Let's talk about the H-Back

    Or F-Back or 'move tight end'... whatever you want to call it. With Develin retired and two young TEs who both seem capable in such a role, we seem to be moving back to it. Despite the death of the fullback, it surprises me that there hasn't been a renaissance of the H-Back in the NFL. Why is...
  11. miloofcroton

    1st Round QB: Jordan Love or Jacob Eason

    What has really impressed me about Herbert in the last couple months is coachability. He went from being shotgun-only to playing in a pro style offense in the senior bowl, and he did pretty well. Then, he wanted to show off platform throws during his pro day, and he had a really good coach that...
  12. miloofcroton

    Who do the Pats select with the 23rd overall pick?

    Don't get my hopes up like that.
  13. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 QB/PTP Thread

    That's just my personal grade, not where I'd expect him to actually go. It's also extremely subjective and definitely not a scientific process for arriving at grades.
  14. miloofcroton

    2020 Patriot-Type Players

    This is rough list of all the impact, potential star players I see. There are a few big names omitted, largely for their particular weaknesses that I wouldn't want to invest in: Justin Herbert Anthony McFarland Antonio Gibson Cam Akers Justin Jefferson KJ Hamler Chase Claypool Tristan Wirfs...
  15. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 IOL/PTP Thread

    I'd take Lloyd Cushenberry in the first. Probably my top interior OL.
  16. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 TE/PTP Thread

    Albert O looks useless as a blocker. Good athlete but lacks route running and blocking skills. I'd pass on that likely bust. Devin Asiasi is my fav TE in the class. He's not going to wow anyone, but he's just solid in every aspect. Sort of a Dwayne Allen, Nick Boyle, Xavier Grimble type. Cole...
  17. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 WR'S/PTP Thread

    Power WR Rankings Chase Claypool - A freak that can dominate 1 on 1. Tee Higgins - Solid, unspectacular Juwan Johnson - Solid, unspectacular Denzel Mims - I consider him a bigger guy who's not as fast as his timed 40, but he can stretch the field a bit Shenault - Everyone knows he's strong, but...
  18. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 RB/PTP Thread

    I side with the 'AJ Dillon is mediocre' crowd. Jonathan Taylor will be good if he plays in a zone scheme, but he's nothing special in my opinion. Just not a special amount of elusiveness or power. Darrynton Evans has nice outside zone, big play potential. Could see him on a team like the...
  19. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 Rush-Edge/PTP Thread

    Lots of really solid guys in this draft. Not a lot of great athletes though. Young is obviously a true edge threat and sure to go near the top. Yetur Gross-Matos is basically an equal threat in my mind though, with his strength and hand usage. Terrell Lewis is second only to Chase Young in terms...
  20. miloofcroton

    BGC 2020 S/PTP Thread

    Just got done with the safeties at the combine. Lots of unimpressive people. McKinney, Chinn, Dugger to name a few guys that get lots of talk. Sure, they aren't going to look as good playing against air as they are contact players, but it still needs to be said. I'm carrying over Troy Pride and...