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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    I'm not lying, so you don't like the presentation? Go eat somewhere else.
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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    You think you are smarter than EVERYONE ELSE Andy. That's the problem with you. You ARE smart, but NOT SMARTER than everyone else. See ya.
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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    Why? He CONTINUES to try and make the rest of us his *****, because he thinks he is smarter than us, and he IS Smart, but NOONE KNOWS EVERYTHING, and I tire of it, it's been going on for ~15 years... Chill? Seriously bruh, WTF have YOU been the last 15 years? Bah
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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    You CAN'T? SERIOUSLY? NOT VERY GOOD? GET REAL, it's OBVIOUSLY DIFFICULT, stop being an Idiot about this, AJ/DK/SCARY/Deebo etc, aren't guaranteed to be studs HERE, YOU DON'T KNOW! I'm SO FKN TIRED of people pissing and moaning when EVERYTHING isn't included, everyone thinks they know better, yet...
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    First Boston Sport experience?

    Actually it was Trum Field watching men's Softball with my Dad on Friday nights, he took me on his Harley....this was in the 70's... Pro Team? Bruins vs Sabres in the upper deck of The Garden around 1981 or 2, B's won 3-2(We were looking RIGHT DOWN on the ice!), and my brothers and I had a great...
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    So, sup with Hightower?

    He's one of my All-time favorite Patriots, not sure if it was the playcalling, or his age last year, but it wasn't his best.... obviously.
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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    Joey Galloway, Tory Holt, Reggie Wayne, who were OBVIOUSLY Past their prime(And STUDS ELSEWHERE), either didn't get it, or figured it was too much work at that stage of their careers. I NEVER SAID it wasn't a good thing Andy, I'm just hoping for more hits is all. Everyone has a habit of talking...
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    Tyquan Thornton already turning heads in the film room

    I'm hoping that Bill has gone to a more Route based offense, it seems that alot of WRS just don't understand the Option Based offense that Troy/Gronk/Queen/Weller and Jules got, I mean they obviously got it, but many others have failed to get it. At least that's what it looks like from a guy...
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    OT: Kyler Murray gets paid

    I love it when other teams haphazardly throw HUGE $ around, crushing the cap, especially when that player hasn't proven Jack ****.
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    Harry to Chicago for 2024 7th rounder

    What does that even mean? I just put a prime example of a Common mistake, and you dump Harry at 32 in the SAME VEIN? SERIOUSLY? BTW, how many OTHER TEAMS watched DK go by, if he was as you guys say, he should've been in the top 10, yet he's lucky he made the 2nd rd. Everyone is so smart a year...
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    Harry to Chicago for 2024 7th rounder

    Yeah, Let's forget about Ryan Leaf, who was debated with Peyton Manning Crazily. Seriously? They MISS, it happens EVERY YEAR, EVEN TOP 2, OBVIOUSLY.
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    Wide Receivers depth chart

    Yeah, Bill wants to tank..get fkn real, pull your pants up. get real, Bill has NEVER planned to do anything BUT win a #Championship. Stop being Ridonkulous.
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    OT: J-Mac retires

    It looked to me that DMAC made the wrong choice, and JMac fixed it.
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    Wide Receivers depth chart

    2nd for Aggy? Maybe if we pay his Salary maybe, which I don't think we can afford. I could be wrong, I often am.
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    What do we want to see at Training Camp

    What? Ferentz into the coaching ranks? He's one of our best backups that plays multiple positions. Good Job.