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    TBG12 Parents after Win Sunday on the 9th SB trip

    Tom's Mom and Dad with a local reporter.
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    Stat most ignore, great indicator of success

    That is point differential. Happens every year: Regular season point differential: Patriots +162 Eagles +162 Rams +149 Jags +149 Vikings +130 Saints +122 These are the teams that were > +100 point differential. It does indicate that the Jags will be a...
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    Meteor Strick web cam

    So this guy in Finland has a live webcam for people to watch the Auroras in Northern Finland. It catches a Meteorite hitting close to his house, amazing stuff.
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    BB Breaks down Denver ST plays on Film

    Didn't see this posted. BB breaks down some of the big ST plays from the Bronco's game. Highlights how the plays developed , how Denver played them and keys Patriots who made each play successful. Great stuff as one would expect, ENJOY!
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    Brady / Rodgers

    Not sure it deserves a thread, but it is the offseason. In MMQB Andy Benoit has t tidbit on watching Rogers on film: We all hear about his great running, arm strength, and so on. But what he 'fails' at is the football IQ part of the job, the area where Brady excels at. This is why I get so...
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    Charlie Weis on Tom Brady

    11 minutes with Bayless and Sharpe. Very good stuff.
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    Logan Ryan's summer

    Used some of his bonus to pay off Brother's student debts, a couple of other thing he did I was unaware of. High character person. Logan Ryan speaks up, pays his brother’s $82,000 in student loans Wish him well in Nashville.
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    Podcast with Arkansas coach

    Fascinating conversation with Bret Bielema, who coached Trey Flowers for 2 years, coached James White at Wisconsin, and new Patriots Deatrich Wise, Ellis Brooks and Cody Hollister. Started his career with Kirk Ferentz at Iowa. Razorback roundup a reminder Patriots-Arkansas connections run deep
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    What makes Tom Brady a better captain than other QBs

    The author of a book on great sports captains on what makes Brady a Great Captain
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    Brady King interview part 2 Lifestyle

    Brady on having fun playing football these days: Tom Brady: 'I Have The Answers to The Test Now' | The MMQB with Peter King Tom Brady: 'I Have The Answers to The Test Now'
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    Brady King Podcast

    50+ minutes about the SB comeback from Montana. Tom Brady Breaks Down Super Bowl 51 | The MMQB with Peter King
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    Shannon Sharpe bends the knee Brady Greatest Football Player EVER

    Makes a very good rational case. I am shocked.
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    LGB on no quit in TB12

    Mentioned comments to Brady family after game:
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    Rich Eisen on the GOAT

    Epic rant by Eisen on Brady as the GOAT, Enjoy.
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    Comparing Super Bowl Defenses

    Video at link. Pat Kirwan excellent comparison of the Patriots vs Falcon D's and which can slow down the opposition's O. Comparing Super Bowl Defenses
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    THe Gang Green posters react to "Christmas Eve Massacre"

    The misery of the Jets fans continues. LOL funny stuff however. Christmas Eve Massacre :D
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    Brady, Gronk, and Marty B are just as unstoppable as we thought they'd be

    Before Pats Steelers, nice breakdown on f how the PAts are using the 12 formations to get the ball to the TE's Brady, Gronk, and Marty B are just as unstoppable as we thought they'd be Good read.
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    Gronk and Bennett best TE combo in history?

    Pat Kirwan, Jim Miller and Greg Robinson comment, Robinson saw Gronk in a Football camp while in HS his comment is pretty interesting: Week 7 Roundtable #2
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    Matt Light Is Still Protecting the Blind Side

    Very good article on the MAtt Light Foundation: "The retired Patriots tackle runs a summer camp for disadvantaged teens in rural Ohio. But that’s just where the real work begins" Matt Light Is Still Protecting the Blind Side | The MMQB with Peter King
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    Bennett with Deion Sanders

    Bennett Talking with D Sanders, what caught my attention was how Bennett feels he is treated by the team of the field as well as on the field.. Bennett: The Patriots 'give me the freedom to be Martellus'