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  1. Wordsmyth

    Official Representation thread

    How are you representing our beloved Patriots today? I'm at the mechanic for an oil change and a minor door handle repair, sporting my #16 Jakobi Myers jersey and a team hat. You?
  2. Wordsmyth

    Pats swag

    Was at the DMV yesterday to have my driver's license renewed when a local complimented me on my Jakobi Meyers #16 jersey. Considering I live deepintheheart of Chiefs country, I was taken aback in a good way. :) All I got for now.
  3. Wordsmyth

    Kendrick Bourne jersey

    Does anyone out there have an idea if/when KB will have an official jersey in the Pro Shop this season? Or Hunter Henry?
  4. Wordsmyth

    College Buttnugget

    What's everybody watching? Here, Florida vs. Old Miss.
  5. Wordsmyth

    Forecast For Gameday

    Calls for cool and rainy. This may hinder the passing game and aid a ground attack. Thoughts?
  6. Wordsmyth

    Ryan Grant

    Any further updates?
  7. Wordsmyth

    Pats favored by -2.5

    Vegas originally had the Rams favored by a point, but the pendulum has swung. Discuss.
  8. Wordsmyth

    Patriots Holiday Swag

    My Cowboys-fan broham bought me an official size and weight NEP Wilson football, with all their championships etched along the pigskin. Then I have a humongous Pats bed throw coming. What about you folks? Did Santa make your day in the Patriots merch department?
  9. Wordsmyth

    Where Is Dikembe?

    I haven't seen our insightful friend in a while.
  10. Wordsmyth

    Gronk Back!

    All the naysaying board divas can sit this one out. GRONK SMASH!
  11. Wordsmyth

    Carson Palmer Retires

    Per Smart move. The best of luck to him.
  12. Wordsmyth

    Patriots nods throughout places OTHER than the NFL

    I'm watching the Indiana-Wisconsin game, and the announcer likened the Badger RB to James White. :D
  13. Wordsmyth

    The GOAT 186

    In all the tumult and chaos from this less-than-stellar outing we witnessed Thursday night, the GOAT quietly tied Brett Favrevrevre and The Forehead for most all-time wins with 186. w00t!
  14. Wordsmyth

    I Miss Dikembe...

    Has anybody heard from our favorite NFL* analyst?
  15. Wordsmyth

    The Boids!

    I know this should be obvious--but the Patriots have beaten all bird-named teams in three of their five wins in the Big Dance. Eagles, Seahawks, Falcons. Yeah, it took a bit o' time to sink in. Without further ado, I present Peter Griffin's thoughts on the subject:
  16. Wordsmyth

    RIP Quentin Groves

    According to news reports, 32-year-old journeyman linebacker QG passed away in his sleep last night. RIP Quentin. :(
  17. Wordsmyth

    My new serial killer...

    Is STOKOE Blount. In my latest work-in-progress, Stokoe is no more. Here's hoping for a judicial decision mirroring this fiction. Go Tommy! Beat R. Stokoe Goodell* like a dog in court!
  18. Wordsmyth

    I had a dream...

    The other day that the Pats were playing the Pack in SB50. Tom's fourth-and-goal pass from the Pack's two was batted down by a DB, only for a WR (whom I've never heard of) batted the ball to Julian, who caught it on his back for the game-winner. Oh...and suck it, Goodell! :D
  19. Wordsmyth

    Giddy Giddy Giggity Alright

    Anybody else feeling like a kid on Christmas morning, scrambling to kick off the covers and run to the tree to open presents?
  20. Wordsmyth

    New member, longtime lurker

    Thought I'd share that, lol. Been pulling for the Pats pretty much since SB 38. Go Pats!