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  1. manxman2601

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Getting ready for the best thread of the year!
  2. manxman2601

    The "Who Are you Hoping For on Day Two" Thread?

    Not that I’ve got any sort of grip on this draft, but Spencer Brown really intrigues me. Perhaps one of old, but very much like a Pats OT.
  3. manxman2601

    Thuney To Chiefs

  4. manxman2601

    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    They’ll be coming in thick and fast soon. Anyone know how many free roster spots there are?
  5. manxman2601

    My Random Draft Thoughts Thread

    Forgive the indulgence, but As we get so close to the draft, I have a bunch of thoughts rumbling round in my head and I just wanted to sort through them. 1. Terry McLaurin and Mecole Hardman are two of my favourite WRs to be picks for the Patriots. Not necessarily because I think they’re great...
  6. manxman2601

    Any Interest In Benjamin Watson?

    Had retired but considering coming out of retirement.
  7. manxman2601

    Jonathan Jones Signs Tender

    Not a surprise but news anyway.
  8. manxman2601

    Let’s Talk Kaleb Mcgary

    My hypothesis is this. Kaleb McGary = Logan Mankins (albeit the RT version) My reasoning Kaleb McGary 40 - 5.05 VJ - 33.5 Ss - 4.58 Logan Mankins 40 - 5.06 VJ- 31.5 Ss - 4.45 And then he comes with the same pancakey nastiness As much as I like Marcus Cannon, releasing him saves nearly...
  9. manxman2601

    2020 Picks

    Via Miguel and Mike Reiss So two thirds, two sixes and a seven. Have we lost any picks that anyone knows of?
  10. manxman2601

    What Pick Would Surprise You But...

    Also would make you think “yeah, I can see that” Off the top of my head, Chase Winovich would fit that description. He’s not someone many of us have talked about as a likely pick but he could offer pass rush early and could play either a Van Noy or Ninkovich role. Who for you?
  11. manxman2601

    Zen And The Art Of Draft Evaluation

    This is an article I found written by Mile High Report at the time Josh McDaniels was to become the Broncos head coach and it contains a decent write up about how the Patriots grade players. The first part about the letter and number grades I’ve seen before and there have been a couple of...
  12. manxman2601

    Draft Rumours And Buzz

    two weeks out, so why not? Tony Pauline on Journey To The Draft Podcast says that Dexter Lawrence is a fast riser and could even go top 15 ahead of Ferrill and Christian Wilkins.
  13. manxman2601

    Seattle @ 21. Who Would You Trade Up For?

    Which of the following would you be willing to trade up with Seattle for (Likely either pick 64 or 73)? You can pick as many as you want. I chose Seattle because it looks like they’re very keen to trade back to pick up picks (they only have four).