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    Frank Coyle/Draft Insiders 2-Round Mock

    I agree 100% with your Toal comment as I was at BC when he was recruited. He was an impact player as a freshman, but O'Brien's use of him on offense wore him down. Countless shoulder injuries have rendered him all but useless for the past 3 years. However, you comments on the draft class did...
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    Frank Coyle/Draft Insiders 2-Round Mock

    No BJ Raji DT (Boston Collge) in the first 2 rounds? I think BB/SP would take well before selecting Ndamukong Suh. Speaking of draft prospects coming out of Boston College, does anyone have an opinion on OLB Mark Herzlich (Junior - might not come out)? In the games I watched he excelled at...
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    Callendar from BC

    I almost agreed with this post until the last line. MOre desireable than William Green??? Now thats just foolish, had it not been for his off-field life he would have been a good NFL back (see the last 8 games or so of his rookie year). Green could take it the distance at any moment...
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    Interesting Scenerio

    And maybe if you had the reading comprehension of an 8th grader you would see I was just throwing this out there. But you must be one of those guys that think trading down is so simple. Yeah ace, BB will just trade down to the spot he wants no're an idiot.
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    Interesting Scenerio

    Hey assclown, sorry I do not waste my time with spell check, but I forgot you never have mispelled anything or made a typo. For your info I went to BC undergrad and Wharton for graduate school. I probably make more money in a day than you make a year. Keep hanging in there chumpy, maybe I...
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    How will the Pats trade a top 3 pick?

    Ha ha aha aha aha...I would love to know what profession you work accept 0.50 on the dollar, you would be a complete clown and there is no way a savvy organization would do that. You should ask a MOd to delete your post.
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    Interesting Scenerio

    Now this may sound like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but bear with me for a second. With not many surefire franchise players at the top of this draft, what if the other teams in the league silently refuse to deal with the Pats. Many people on the board say "trade down" like it is as simple as...
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    Felix Jones

    Definetly an interesting idea, but it also brings injury to the forefront. Felix may be happy taking a deal now loaded with incentives.
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    Callendar from BC

    Well you must not watch too many games. Repeating insight from some "draft expert site" does not necessarily mean it is fact. I have nothing against Dejaun, but he is not the corner many of these sites is leading everyone to beleive. The best kid on that defense is Mark Herzlich 6'4" 238# LB...
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    Callendar from BC

    I went to BC and still follow the team religiously, we DO NOT want DeJuan Tribble. People assume he is a "ballhawk" because he had 10 or so picks last year and 3 in the first game this year. HE IS NOT!!!!!! He continually attempts to jump routes and gets beat more often than he makes the...
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    The Offical " Draft McFadden " Thread

    THis Remix guy is such an SOB. He loves logging in to rip people...small penis syndrome? Jesus, give the poster a break tough guy.
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    The Offical " Draft McFadden " Thread

    Watching the LSU/Arkansas game and I do not care what anyone says or what our RB situation is...DRAFT DMAC. The Pats have this luxury, he is completely amazing. Huge, Quick, break-away speed, UNREAL!!!!
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    If the Pats 1st falls between 1-5....

    I agree Mcfadden is a great prospect, but I am not giving up on LM and we have Morris signed. I do not think it would be in our best interest to have 2 1st round backs under contract (esp. a top 5 RB).
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    Will/Should we sign Samuel?

    Re: Will /Should we sign Samuel? Personally, I think Samuel has been a little disappointing this year and has cost himself money. However, "Get Paid" will certainly take his shot at free agency. I am going to compare Samuel to Givens, as I think both of them were a product of the system. I...
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    If the Pats 1st falls between 1-5....

    Who would you guys take if SF's pick falls in the top 5? Obviously I know that trading down is the consensus, but it isn't a given that someone will want to trade (big $$$$). I think the only play I would select in the top 5 would be Jake Long LT Mich. I am personally hoping that we can get...
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    offseason/draft thoughts

    I know that you projected rounds were pulled from a site, but the is no way Moffit lasts beyond the top of the 3rd. I have been able to watch a few SF games due to their recent emergence and Moffit is a force. He has great closing speed for a larger LB and runs the D like a general. I think...
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    Who will win the Heisman Trophy this year?

    Matt Ryan QB, Boston College
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    He is a thug until he proves otherwise. I just hope he plays solid football for NE.
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    I see 11-5 this year in a realistic look at this team

    Why did I just read this? I should have stopped after the first line. Go away Borges
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    That would be a very pleasant surprise.