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  1. eternal

    Inside story of how Gunner Olsewski became NFL's most unlikely underdog

    Great article......amazing story. The inside story of how Patriots rookie Gunner Olszewski became the NFL’s unlikeliest underdog
  2. eternal

    Players that you have been wrong about

    Chad Jackson-----I thought he was going to be the best thing since Terry Glenn. Shawn Crable Laurence Maroney-----He was OK, but should have had a better career for a 1st round RB. Ras-I Dowling Aaron Dobson
  3. eternal

    Initial 53 Man Roster

    Brandon King should be on the IR list too, right?
  4. eternal

    Waitlist Pre-Sale Questions and Issues

    I've been in the process for forty minutes and nothing. I clicked on the email link within 2 minutes of it hitting my inbox. I tried for the PIT (I expected to come up empty with that one), then I tried KC and DAL and all I got was the spinning circle in the blue "get tickets" tabs for 10+...
  5. eternal

    Predict the Score Contest, SB LIII NE vs LAR

    This team may not have the top to bottom talent depth as past superbowl teams, but they are playing as well as I have seen them in a long time. Great ball control/no turnovers on offense and shutout defense in the 1st half. A take away late in the game will seal a victory. Foxboro Militia 30...
  6. eternal

    Vince Wifork named honary captain against KC

    "Honorary" Captain? Give him a uniform and make him a defensive captain! Even 15-20 plays could make a huge difference in the game. It'll be good to see Big Vince again.
  7. eternal

    Ruben Foster

    @Viper652 If I refresh the page, most of the tweets show up. If that doesn't work, maybe try another browser.
  8. eternal

    Burkhead AND Bentley put on IR

    Go on Mike Reiss's twitter. He posted their plays that they got injured on.
  9. eternal

    We’re onto Miami

    Two more to IR. Just what we needed!
  10. eternal

    OT-ish: The gambling thread

    Pats -6.5 vs DET O/U is at 51.5 A 6pt teaser would make it Pat. -.5 and take the over 45.5. Game is in the dome, so that's a pretty low number to cover with these two teams.
  11. eternal

    A quick primer on compensatory picks

    Especially now that you can trade them.
  12. eternal

    Could we lose another assistant coach? Joe Judge's contract expiring

    Hope not, but if so Ventrone is there and will do fine. Ebner, Cy Jones (punt returns) and Jonathan Jones will be back off IR next year, so they will still have a top special teams squad.
  13. eternal

    AFC/NFCCG Score Prediction Thread

    AFC Foxborough Militia 24 Florida Wildcats 20 NFC Nordic Pirates 20 Philly Birds of prey 17
  14. eternal

    Predict the Score CONTEST, AFC Divisional Playoff TEN @ NE

    Foxborough Militia 27 Invaders from the south 17
  15. eternal

    Predict the Score CONTEST, Week 3 HOU @ NE

    Foxboro Militia 24 Southern Invaders 20
  16. eternal

    Predict the Score CONTEST, Week 2 NE @ NO

    Foxborough Militia 31 Orleans 30 A high scoring nailbiter.
  17. eternal

    OT: 2017 Degenerate Gambler Thread

    Pats and Pittsburgh moneyline parlay gets you about a 53% return on your money. That's about the best/safest play I think can be made as far as NFL goes this weekend.
  18. eternal

    Predict the Score CONTEST, Week 1 KC @ NE

    New DE/OLBs cause problem defending the run, Smith gets a couple of 1st downs escaping Flowers and friends, and Hill+Kelce do their damage. Offense sputters at times but has enough in last 20 minutes. Foxborough Militia 27 Native Tribal Leaders of northwest Missouri 26