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  1. UrbanCowboy

    So how do you grade this year’s draft?

    FWIW, having some time to reflect on this year's draft. I've gone through the 5 stages of grief and come out the other side to realize it's a typical Bill draft (last year was the outlier) and it is a very intriguing cast of characters. Seems like a high potential for being really great or...
  2. UrbanCowboy

    The Pats' offensive skill positions

    It will be interesting to see if our balanced middle class roster can beat a mix of stars and jags. It looked like it for a good part of last year till those buffalo muggings at the end.
  3. UrbanCowboy

    Report: Odell to NE talks heating up?

    I couldn't give a crap about his fetishes.
  4. UrbanCowboy

    NFL Free Agency 2022 edition

    Well worth the beating ... very interesting
  5. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    Yes...... I thought about him too, and totally agree with you. He was like Rodney -- brought a toughness to the team.
  6. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    that's two good ones! I was totally with you on Faulk, and then d'oh, what about Woodhead. They were both real "gamers." Great suggestions!
  7. UrbanCowboy

    Rumor - Gilmore could come back to the Patriots? Would you want him?

    I don't think the relationship with bill would be the dealbreaker, but if Bill felt the team viewed Gilmore as dogging it when he could have played. That I think would violate the "team first" philosophy. It seemed up to that point Gilmore was an excellent team guy. tho. So maybe... I really...
  8. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    Right. Slater is an excellent choice. Shoulda put him on my list!
  9. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    sam gash, that's a great one. I had to look him up to make sure he was a fullback (Vaguely remembered). Interesting tidbit: "Gash earned the unique distinction of being the first back in NFL history to be selected to the Pro Bowl without carrying the ball at all during the regular season."
  10. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    Nice, I forgot about ole Fred Marion, but he was an excellent player! Good call.
  11. UrbanCowboy

    Who was/is your favorite Patriot

    impossible ... but fun. Jules Willie Vince Rodney Teddy J (bone-crunching hits, not his anti BB agenda) Apologies: Gronk
  12. UrbanCowboy

    Is the brady vs belichick debate ruining this board or is it just me?

    It reminded me of the classic scene in the Sopranas where Silvio is losing badly at cards, and takes it out on one of servers... calling him a cheesef**k
  13. UrbanCowboy

    Is the brady vs belichick debate ruining this board or is it just me?

    it seems like there are about 10 or so basic points. so, we just number them 1 to 10. So, someone posts #3, and the opponent comes back with #7. Then someone brings in #5 for the killshot....
  14. UrbanCowboy

    Poll: Patriots future

    To me we're just back to the normal head-scratching, "what the hell is he thinking" off-season ... to be followed by another great season.
  15. UrbanCowboy

    OT : Carson Wentz to Washington

    Truly unbelievable. The Colts got to be laughing their asses off. Until Snyder gets forced out of there, that franchise is doomed.
  16. UrbanCowboy

    Van Noy Cut

    that was the weirdest signing of last year in my book
  17. UrbanCowboy

    Will the Patriots take back the division next season?

    ha, right, about the only way. Those two "touchdown every time" games are inexplicable and worrisome.
  18. UrbanCowboy

    Patriots name Matt Groh as Director of Player Personnel

    ouch, that just hurts... stop it :-)
  19. UrbanCowboy

    SB halftime performance

    For whom the bell tolls Master of Puppets Enter Sandman Now that's a halftime show worth stickin around for
  20. UrbanCowboy

    SB halftime performance

    The Paul McCartney Live and Let Die halftime was pretty cool, right? anyone? no? Withdrawn....