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    Nice intramural rivalry

    I like this attitude. Especially the way it puts Parker on notice. It does point out that any receiver drafted or picked up in free agency is going to have to compete for targets as well as catches. I’m hoping that the new OC opens things up for Mac enough to keep them all fed. Could that be...
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    Prefer to,play Buffalo or Cincinnati?

    As we wait to find out the final seedlings and our first round playoff opponent, I’m wondering who would you rather see the Patriots face, and why?
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    Request info about attending Bills game in Foxboro

    This year is a special birthday so I’m thinking of giving myself a special birthday present: a ticket to the Bills game at Gillette. I’d appreciate some helpful advice. And of course a ticket would be nice, or even just a lead on a good seat for a good price. Right now I expect to be...
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    Kendrick Bourne best wide receiver free agent signing

    Some pretty impressive stats in this. And then consider Bill’s comment about potential improvement: “I think if he keeps working hard and continues — which he has, he’s a hard-working kid — if he continues to work hard and pay attention to little details, that there’s still a lot of room for...
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    OT: Giving back: Andrea Guy’s baby shower

    This really epitomizes giving back to the community. Andrea Guy was still thinking of others as she was in the hospital fighting her own battle. Great job! Lawrence and Andrea Guy host baby shower for single mothers at Gillette Stadium
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    Amusing read from Curran

    “The longest-running drama in professional sports history is back. For a 22nd season.” Good review… Curran: The Patriots won't go away, and it drives people bananas
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    Injury update: Gunner and Harris both good to go Thursday

    Uche gets IRed from the doghouse. Chase is back. And other updates… Patriots Injury Report: Damien Harris, Gunner Olszewski Cleared To Play Vs. Falcons
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    Way too early COTY rumblings?

    This article is more in depth, but taken with Rex Ryan talking about this being the best coaching Bill has done could we be seeing the first hints of COTY sentiments emerging? Bill Belichick is using a recipe to rebuild the Patriots that has failed so many times before
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    Adrian Phillips appreciation thread

    I really like the change in approach he describes in the first article, not worrying about the noise just focusing on making himself the best he can be. That’s a great attitude! Free agent after this season, and says he’s open to staying in New England. I say extend him. Your thoughts? A...
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    Rams lose Woods for season

    Ironic development in juxtaposition with OBJ signing… Sources: Rams' Woods tears ACL, out for season
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    Rex Ryan becoming a Patriots believer

    Rex Ryan Eats Some Crow, Begrudgingly Backtracks On Patriots Take best part of the story, it’s all from before today’s game:
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    DJax or OBJ?

    Now that both DeSean Jackson and Odell Beckham Jr have been or are being released, if the Patriots can sign either one for a reasonable salary (maybe vet minimum?) which one would you prefer? Please enter comments discussing why your preference is the right one.
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    Sign the beast? Whitney Mercilus

    Texans released him. Worth a shot with Wino going to IR? Texans officially release Whitney Mercilus - ProFootballTalk
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    So Mac has his nickname but I think it needs to be revised… “He [Cam] calls me Mac ‘n Cheese so I’ve got my nickname.” I think it should be shortened. To just Cheese. thoughts?
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    Remembering the Butt Fumble game

    Saw this nice story about Steve Gregory reminiscing about scoring with the Butt Fumble, and it is worth remembering that game for this whole sequence of plays not just the Butt Fumble. I’d forgotten just how Jetes that whole thing was. What a sequence: Jets fumble, recovered by Patriots 83 yd...
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    Cam’s sense of humor

    I’d love to see this. Halloween is coming. Make it happen, Cam! Cam: 'It's not about money, it's about respect'
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    Maybe OT: “Tom Brady comeback”

    I just stumbled upon this hilarious Facebook post that makes it clear that a Tom Brady comeback is now a global figure of speech. Or at least a yardstick used by a very talented author in India. I thought it was worth sharing for your amusement.
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    28-3 comeback meme

    Love that this comeback has become such a meme... Not so happy about the particular examples.
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    Kraft auctioning Super Bowl LI ring for charity

    Surprised this isn’t already up here... Patriots' Kraft auctions Super Bowl ring for charity
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    Pandemic affecting BB strategy?

    Assuming that the NFL is able to play football this season, there will be effects from the pandemic, starting with the lockdown restructuring of the draft, extending to the on-boarding of new players and very likely impacting OTAs and perhaps training camp. Considering this, do you think...