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    A BIG F U to Tedy Bruschi

    Nice respect. Get some new material. Pre-snap post snap M Effer!!!!! Only reason you boys sniffed what you did was because of a GD camera...panty waist!!
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    Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts!!

    Bunch of whiners here. It is as if you think if one team gets called for PI, the other must get one back. I was at the game, the PI on the dude covering Clark (Ivy) was a good call. Clark was mauled and unable to make a play on the ball...and the flag came out quickly. Wayne was clearly...
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    Reliant Stadium turf once ranked 4th best by players

    Thought you might find this article interesting. Of course, 2004 is not present day...and just like a good restaurant, these guys might be slacking and resting on their laurels. IIRC, a Colt player missed some time a season or two ago...and a crappy field was to blame. It sounds like no doubt...
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    "Resting" players

    As teams begin to lock in their playoff seed...all teams will manage their rosters. Resting those who are dinged, giving those who were dinged some PT, and limiting the most valuable pieces. Dungy and Rodney and many here are right....the beating of a 17 week season takes its toll on a smaller...
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    Colts reeling with all the injuries??

    1.) Gonzo- his return will be delayed...with the way the Colts work these things, who knows...he hasn't been around all year...but I think Manning was counting on his return. 2.) Jackson- In and out of the line up all year. Don't believe he started any game at corner..almost exclusively in on...
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    Have the PATS played anyone yet??

    Found this on a Colts board...thought it was interesting: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's funny....according to Pats fans , we haven't played anybody , therefor they are better than the Colts. FTR- Pats have beaten Buffalo at home...
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    Did you ever notice??

    That when a team complains about officiating that appears to help the Patriots, that Patriot fans seem to think the opposition is just whining? But when a call seemingly goes against the Pats, it's the most egregious injustice the world has ever seen? Not sure what went on today, what did you...
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    Manning getting better with age??

    I realize that the Colts have played 3 High School teams, and that with guys like Wayne and Clark, who couldn't be sucessful...but the guy really looks confident and in control. I won't "buy in" until the team gets back to the promised land, but he's starting to play like a wise old Elway.
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    Patriot Place a BUST?? - MORE PATS LAYOFFS COMING FRIDAY? Are these layoffs mailnly related to the staff that was added when this venue opened? Nice to see that EVERYTHING doesn't turn to gold out there.
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    Congrats Steeler Fans. Tomlin = Next Elie Coach

    Well, if Wisenhunt can be crowned, so can Tomlin.
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    When will Eli and the Giants fold??

    Any surprises that they are 2-0? Cincy next week, should be another W. Should the SB hangover have kicked in yet, or will it only kick in if they lose to a legit SB contender, like say the Boys or the Pack:rolleyes:
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    Interesting Bradshaw comment Here is what Terry said relative to the TB injury: TB: "One of the biggest problems when Brady got hurt is that Tom over-strided. Normally, you don't want to stride that long. He really stepped way out. His left...
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    NFL Worst fanbases Jacksonville #1. Look who is number 4. The comments below are also interesting.