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  1. Dingleberry

    ***Dingleberry Casino*** Grand Champion Crowned!

    Please join me in congratulating @Pat the Pats Fan as the first Grand Champion of betting here at Patsfans! He was consistently winning money all season and was on the mark during the playoffs. A worthy inaugural champion! @Ian could we get that Champion banner for Pat the Pats Fan? Thank...
  2. Dingleberry

    ***Super Bowl Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    There are nine of us left for Super Bowl betting. Pat the Pats Fan has taken back the #1 spot, but most of the nine have enough bank roll to place SB bets that could win it all. We lost several bettors this week (including our regular season champ Ring 6) and thank all of you for participating...
  3. Dingleberry

    **Championship Weekend Betting** Dingleberry Casino

    Well, there is a new #1. I am thinking this is a good time to end the contest and just skip the last 2 weeks of playoff betting. Thanks for a great season everyone! See you in August. I am the champ. Thank you in advance for all of your congratulations. Oh, ok. We can keep betting, I...
  4. Dingleberry

    ***Divisional Round Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    There is a new #1! Congratulations to Pat the Pats Fan for a great week of betting and completing his steady climb up the rankings. Many others are in great positions heading into the last 3 weeks of betting. You will want to have a nice bank roll for the Super Bowl to bet on the props...
  5. Dingleberry

    **Wild Card Betting** Dingleberry Casino

    It's playoff time! The lines for this weekend's games will be on the 2nd post of this thread by Friday afternoon, maybe Thursday night if all goes well. Since there are only 6 games, there will be A LOT of player prop bets available for every game. Same betting rules apply as have all season...
  6. Dingleberry

    ***Regular Season Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    Please join me in congratulating @Ring 6 for a well-played season and an equally well-earned victory in our regular season contest. The TD pass to Bolden was the one play that won it for him this week. Ballsy betting. @Ian could we get a custom brown banner for Ring 6? Dingleberry Casino...
  7. Dingleberry

    ***Week 18 Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    We made it. Following Sunday night's game, we will crown the inaugural Champion. Below you will find the current rankings/bank rolls, this weekend's lines, Patriots prop bets. and a breakdown of teaser bets. Good luck everyone. I hope we see a lot of aggressive attempts to finish first, but I...
  8. Dingleberry

    ***Week 17 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    Here we more week of betting to prepare your bank roll for the playoffs. I am going to be mostly unavailable from now through Wednesday evening, so I wanted to get the results up asap today. If you think there is an error, let me know. I will make corrections and post them to the...
  9. Dingleberry

    ***Week 17 Betting Thread*** Dingleberry Casino

    Welcome to Week 17 betting! Two weeks remain to prepare those bank rolls for playoff betting. I have posted the rankings below with a couple of corrections. Remember, a bank roll of $50k of above will qualify you for playoff betting. Some of the prop bets will be calculated at the end of...
  10. Dingleberry

    ***Week 16 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    There is a new #1. Congrats to Ring 6 for taking over the top spot this week. As we have seen by the incredible shake up in the standings, no lead is safe. Shout out to venecol and Calhoun44 for joining the 100k+ Club. And a special mention to 1960Pats who had been languishing with little...
  11. Dingleberry

    ***Week 15 Results / Week 16 Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    Well, the Casino did well last week. So well, in fact, that I bought Mrs. Dingleberry a pair of 2 karat diamond earrings with the profits for the week. Only 3 players made money last week. Chevy is looking to be in good shape for that brown banner as regular season champ. As of right now...
  12. Dingleberry

    ***Week 15 Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    Here are the Week 15 lines along with a bunch of prop bets for the Thursday night game. As usual, I will update prop bets for the weekend games sometime Friday. Only 4 weeks of betting remain to prepare your bank roll for the playoffs! We are all aware of the many players testing positive for...
  13. Dingleberry

    ***Week 14 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    The betting results for Week 14 and current rankings are posted below. This was a record week for winnings. As a result (out of petty vindictiveness) I have forwarded information on all of you to the IRS. Chevy has retaken the #1 spot with an impressive $30k week. And Ring 6 has joined the...
  14. Dingleberry

    ***Week 14 Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    Week 14 lines are posted below, as are some prop bets for the Thursday night game. I will have more prop bets posted Friday night. Good luck to everyone. Enjoy the bye week by winning big. @everlong @Froob @Chevy @pazrul72 @PatsFanInVa @Ring 6 @Calhoun44 @venecol @BaconGrundleCandy...
  15. Dingleberry

    ***Week 13 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    Happy Tuesday everyone, and we all should be happy as the casino took a bath thanks to our own Patriots last night! It was nice to see so many positive betting results this week. Our 3 wise men (everlong, Froob, and Chevy) continue to play hot potato with the top spot. Less than $5k separates...
  16. Dingleberry

    ***Week 13 Betting Thread*** Dingleberry Casino

    Welcome to Week 13 of betting, friends and foes. Time to jockey for playoff positioning. We are going to declare a regular season champion though, and petition Ian for a pretty banner for that person. The brown banner has already been promised for the Grand Champion at the end of the...
  17. Dingleberry

    ***Week 12 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    Only 6 weeks of betting remain for the regular season. Everyone with a bank roll above $50k or in the top 10 will qualify for the playoffs. Amazingly, the current top 10 are the only ones above $50k and would be our playoff competitors. Those midseason prop bets are still in play though...
  18. Dingleberry

    ***Week 12 Betting*** Dingleberry Casino

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve. In the spirit of the season, I would like to offer a life line to anyone who has gone bankrupt or is hanging on by a thread. I must give credit to venecol for this idea. He is clearly a kinder soul than I. The Casino is offering anyone who wants it or needs it a...
  19. Dingleberry

    ***Week 11 Betting Results*** Dingleberry Casino

    Good evening everyone. Below are the current rankings after Week 11. Chevy had the biggest week and also took over the #1 spot. Lots of movement. We lost another bettor this week as irishfanatic went bust. Please stay tuned for the Week 12 betting thread as I may have a small lifeline for...
  20. Dingleberry

    ***Week 11 Betting*** DIngleberry Casino

    Below are the Week 11 lines, O/U, and Money Line odds. Lots and lots of Patriots prop bets also posted below! As always, refer to yesterday's results thread to view your current bank roll. Please remember to reply to your own post when making new bets and/or editing picks. Thank you. Have a...