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  1. Brewskies

    TV...Pats vs Bills 12/26

    Presently the Pats vs Bills game on 12/26 is at 1 PM with area TV showing. Since this is probably the biggest game of the season do you think it will be changed to say Monday night for maximum TV viewing? BTW if shown at 1 PM on the 26th I won't be able to see it because CBS will be showing...
  2. Brewskies

    Was Bill Belichick disappointed?

    If this is accurate reporting, it clears up for me the Belichick/Kraft/Brady dissention issue between the three as Jimmy G was leaving. Remember when they all claimed there wasn't an issue. Then Kraft said the three would get together offseason, suggesting there was an issue. It doesn't matter...
  3. Brewskies

    Merry Christmas Patriots fans

    It is almost here, tomorrow, Christmas day. Merry Christmas to all Patriots fans and everyone everywhere from me to you. Have a wonderful day with family and friends. Have a positive thought for those having difficulties at this time of the year and actually everyday. Don't forget the animals...
  4. Brewskies

    Edelman on Showtime: Friday, 6/28/19

    I don't know where to put this, so feel free to move it. I am not sure this was posted already. On Friday, June 28, 2019, from 9 PM until 10:15 PM DST in the East, on Showtime there will be a show about Edelman. It is called "100 Percent: Julian Edelman." It is an imaginative look inside...
  5. Brewskies

    Pats Information Sources

    What in your opinion is the best source for information on the Pats besides this forum? Being from NJ, just trying to know more about the Pats. Got a trial subscription to the Boston Globe via the Internet and I am still questioning their opinions and inside knowledge, what do you think about...
  6. Brewskies

    Aaron Hernandez TV Movie

    I watched the four TV show called Aaron Hernandez Uncovered it was well done. I told both sides of the case. Had the defense known about his bad case of CTE he would have never been found guilty of the the first murder even though the case proved he did it. Very interesting.
  7. Brewskies

    Brady on the late show tonight

    Tom Brady is listed to be on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert TONIGHT @ 11:35 ES daylight time. Looking forward to it.
  8. Brewskies

    "Not Done" send off rally

    The rally will be January 29, 9 to 10:15 AM at NRG Plaza outside The Hall at Patriots Place. Wish I could go but too far. Make a lot of noise attendees. Go Pats
  9. Brewskies

    Alert when new thread is posted

    I keep getting an alert every time a new thread is posted. It is so annoying that I don't come to the forum that often. How do I eliminate this PITA. I am not technical at all. Thanks for your help
  10. Brewskies

    Where does Goodell sit during the SB?

    We finally trapped him, he has avoided coming to our house because he knew what would happen. Now what does he do? Which team does he sit with? New England fans that will be at the game start thinking about a greeting for him. Those of us not going to be at the game, what can we do about him...
  11. Brewskies

    a laugh for today

    Predicting every game of the Patriots’ 2016 regular season "New England leads 20-18 with 10 seconds left. Buffalo has the ball on the Patriots’ 37; it’s fourth and a long two. Bills head coach Rex Ryan just used his second timeout, and has a decision to make: Does he send out Dan Carpenter...
  12. Brewskies

    Tom Brady and Michael Strahan TV stars

    Tom Brady, Michael Strahan Team for 'Religion of Sports' TV Series (Exclusive) I thought Straham wasn't a support of Brady
  13. Brewskies

    Upgrade my account

    How do I upgrade my account to $18 every year automatically? Thanks for help
  14. Brewskies

    Report out of Washington: Goodell's role to be reduced

    Just heard on NFL radio that the owners want the Commissioners role reduced and more taken on by the discipline committee. They want this done by the end of the season and possibly an extension to the CBA.
  15. Brewskies

    Brady's back! Kraft caved in to the 31! What will you do?

    I will still go to my one game a year which is an event from northwest Maine or NYC. I will watch every game on TV and not miss one. I will not buy any Pats stuff, but then I have so much, so that's not a loss for me. What will you do? Because of Kraft's position re; Deflategate. Some said...
  16. Brewskies

    Rumer: may have been duscussed..Brady marriage

    Just read rumor that Brady's marriage is in trouble. I hope not, how many more distractions does he need or can handle. If this has been discussed then will someone take it down, thanks
  17. Brewskies

    Sirius NFL radio reported one hour ago 4 games

    Sirius NFL radio reported 1 hour ago that the decision will be announced with in 48 hours and it will be that Brady gets 4 game suspension. If it had been a fine they say it would have been $2,000,000, what he would have made for 4 games.
  18. Brewskies

    Brady and Company Make Offer

    According to NFL radio this morning Brady and Company offer to accept a fine if the suspension is removed completely. If this is done to avoid a court case it's probably a cheap way out but perception will be Brady is guilty.
  19. Brewskies

    Goodell cannot be the arbitrator since he will be a witness in appeal

    According to BR, Goodell can't be arbitrator Brady's legal team plan to call Goodell as a witness therefore he can't do the arbitration. Great if true.
  20. Brewskies

    Here is the question: Why did the Pats suspend lockerroom guys?

    Right after the Wells report came out and before the penalties came out the Pats suspended McNally and Jastremski, Why? Kraft says no one did anything wrong! League says they can be reinstated but they must have nothing to do with the footballs! What's going on here between Kraft and the NFL...