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  1. Patriotis

    Time for Belichick to takover playcalling on defense

    I would have 8 man in coverage on that play, no need to send Vrabs that's a bad call by Pees.
  2. Patriotis

    The 3rd and 15 in OT

    Not sure but what I was something Webster said to both Mayo and Guyton made them move from their initial positions.
  3. Patriotis

    Per PFT: Raiders gave permission to Randy and reps to seek trade weeks prior to move

    Re: Per PFT: Raiders gave permission to Randy and reps to seek trade weeks prior to m So what Davis is trying to say is that weeks and weeks prior to knowing Moss was going to be available BB/Pioli and the Pats worked him out just in case he became available, even though he was signed for...
  4. Patriotis

    Casserly: Patriots violated pregame rules?

    Re: Casserly:Patriots violated pregame rules ? Good find.
  5. Patriotis

    I feel better about this team midway through week 4...

    Maybe record wise it seems daunting that there 4-0 but they should have lost to the Raiders and trailed for most of the Rams game until they were sparked by a pick 6 by Greer in the 4th qtr today. I'll give it to them they found a way to pull these games out but they haven't played anyone in the...
  6. Patriotis

    Quote of this past week

    I don't get Massarotti's point or Borge's point for that matter-whosever it is. What was Vince Lombardi's record w/out Bart Starr? How about Landry's w/out Stauchbach? How about Noll's w/out Bradshaw? With the exception of Gibbs every great coach is tied with a great QB, they go hand in hand so...
  7. Patriotis

    Last chance for Cassel verus San Francisco

    That's what happens when you fall behind big early and everyone in the stadium knows you're throwing. We need the D to step up and make some stops!
  8. Patriotis

    Last chance for Cassel verus San Francisco

    Stats are for losers. It's all about winning games and championships. The Patriots need to win as a TEAM and that's all that matters. We've seen plenty of teams score tons of points and not win the SB, unfortunately for us the Pats last year, the Rams we beat in 2001 and you'll have a new...
  9. Patriotis

    Offense: Calling more runs is the key the rest of the way

    As former Denver Broncos GM Ted Sundquist said in this M.Reiss piece running the ball more would help Cassel get there and improve. I think that's what BPF's point was. Early reads on Patriots - The Boston Globe
  10. Patriotis

    Bulger benched

    The only place I could see Bulger going to and the transition being a smooth one for both sides would be San Fran with Martz there but with them being in the same division that won't happen. As far as the Pats go he would be a good option talent wise but the numbers just wouldn't work out. He is...
  11. Patriotis

    Official Predict the Score Contest, Week 2 NE @ NYJ

    Pats 20 - Jets 19, Gostkowski nails game winner with time running out.
  12. Patriotis

    Pete Carroll on Matt Cassel

    So you would risk a sure bet with millions of $$$$ where you have control over your job for something else that you're not completely comfortable with? It seems like Petey wasn't offered full control with these NFL jobs so why risk losing millions of $$$$ to prove to some that you are an NFL...
  13. Patriotis

    Pete Carroll on Matt Cassel

    You mean like Tony Dungy:rolleyes:
  14. Patriotis

    Gutierrez and Malone to practice squad, Dillard released from practice squad

    It hasn't been announced officially by the team but when I was looking at the roster on, they moved Brady to the IR section.
  15. Patriotis

    Official cut players we want to sign post [merged]

    Miami signed your boy Mathis today according to A.Schefter.
  16. Patriotis

    Schefter: Patriots ahead of their time, again

    Great read, thanks for the link.
  17. Patriotis

    Did Brady not get into football shape this year?

    Were you mentally prepared when writing this post?
  18. Patriotis

    Completing the Roster

    I agree, Slater stays.