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  1. scott99

    Howe: Pats Ecstatic with Mac this Offseason (so far)

    Anyone who knows the story of Mac Jones, knows that last season was just the tip of the iceberg. The difference between Mac’s redshirt freshman year and his final year at Alabama was HUGE. There will be an incremental jump by Jones every year. This guy is the type of player you can’t just...
  2. scott99

    Patriots ROOKIE Mini-Camp (13-15) - Going on Now

    Jameson Williams is just as skinny. Moss was 6’4” 194 at the combine.
  3. scott99

    Patriots ROOKIE Mini-Camp (13-15) - Going on Now

    I’ll answer for Cap in HIS vernacular, “None of them, they all sucked, Belichick sucks (despite coaching the Pats to 6 SB victories).”
  4. scott99

    2022 Schedule Coming On May 12 2022 - 8 home and 9 away

    I think they can go 10-7 again. They need to start beating good teams though. I think this team will play with more swagger this year. I think Mac will be allowed to open it up more on offense than last year. I think he should have an even better year than last year, which will go a long way...
  5. scott99

    Rip Gino Cappelletti # 20...

    A true Patriot. He was before my time as a player, became a Pat’s fan in 1975. But I’ve watched his highlights several times, and saw he was a GREAT player. Should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Then of course became an excellent color commentator. I’m glad I have those early SB DVDs from the early...
  6. scott99

    2022 OL

    Absolutely, his draft strengths are the Oline. Weaknesses are WR and 2nd round DB’s (except Dugger). He seems to be incredible finding UDFA DBs or late round DBs. You think back to Randal Gay, and then Butler, Jonathan Jones and Jackson. That’s why I can see guys like Shaun Wade being coached...
  7. scott99

    2022 OL

    Wynn-Strange-Andrews-Owenwu-Brown I like that line. The problem is if/when Wynn and Brown get hurt. They are almost guaranteed to miss time. Herron and Cajuste need to be ready. The best part of our line is obviously on the right side, I expect them to run right 60% of the time.
  8. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    I tried to get pictures that were similar. I think Thornton has thicker legs, Williams legs are painfully skinny. Upper bodies seem similar.
  9. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    I also think people are forgetting the Pats traded for Parker. The minute this trade happened, Parker automatically became our best receiver. Bourne and Meyers each had 800+ yards receiving, only 12 of the 32 teams had 2 or more 800 yard receivers. So those guys will get a lot of passes thrown...
  10. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    You’re not thinking logically. This isn’t 1996 or 2006 when the team was desperate for IMMEDIATE WR help. Also, the trade up was 4 spots from 54 to 50, and gave up a 5th round pick to do so, it’s not like we made a major trade to move up 4 slots. Right or wrong, They obviously didn’t think...
  11. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    That is not true, Brady left because our cap space problems. We literally had 1 mill in cap space (or less) the day Brady as offered 25 million by Tampa. I remember him saying he called Kraft (possibly to give them a chance to match, which they couldn’t) and they had a very sad conversation...
  12. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    I don’t think Thornton will get a ton of playing time. Only way he does is if they trade Agholor and/or Parker gets injured (a possibility). But you look at the guys ahead of him, I don’t see him getting a lot of playing time year 1. Parker, Bourne, Meyers and Agholor, that makes Thornton WR...
  13. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    Randy Moss was the most talented NFL WR of all time. Jerry Rice was the GOAT, but Moss was the most talented. If he had the work ethic Rice had, Moss would’ve had every receiver record ever. He was just an unbelievable player. There was a rumor that when the Pats got him at at 30, he was still...
  14. scott99

    DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

    I know they are the same size, but to my eye, Williams looks thinner than Thornton.
  15. scott99

    DRAFT Welcome Pierre Strong, Jr - Pick # 127.

    That’s some revisionists ******** about Michel due to the fact he didn’t run a 4.4 at the combine. He was Georgia’s Lightning to Chubb’s Thunder. Sure, are we unhappy he didn’t wind up being the back he was in college ? Sure. But the guy had several 70+ yard runs in college, where he wasn’t...
  16. scott99

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots 2nd Round Pick Tyquan Thornton: 5 Things to Know

    Because the previous 3 didn’t work out, this guarantees Thornton won’t work out ? I guess the childish correlation makes sense.
  17. scott99

    Any thoughts on the tuck rule admission?

    Agree 1,000,000%. Late in his career, he’s just having fun. Being on the Bucs, he has more freedom to say what he wants.
  18. scott99

    Patriots UDFA signings

    I question whether his need to be right is more important to him than a Patriot’s victory. And even in those Patriot’s victories, he’s attacking 90% of the team’s players an coaching staff.