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  1. Fuzz

    A Few things - RE: Moderation, etc.

    Signature checks out. Who is this Bob Jensen and why did he leave such an impression on you? Not saying it's weird. Just curious.
  2. Fuzz

    Brady to Fox after he retires

    Most excited I've been for a Brady story since 2019
  3. Fuzz

    Kendrick Bourne @ Macs draft party.

    Not to mention taking video of Mac's house interior, including a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf.:notsaying:
  4. Fuzz

    [Warning: Chris refuses to crop his screenshots] Wow give credit where credit is due. Miami Dolphins [Not accurate]

    28<>30. Huge difference when it comes to productivity in the NFL. 28 is basically the peak of an NFL players career. If Tyreek underperforms in the next 3-4 years, it wont be due to age.
  5. Fuzz

    Tom House officially helping to fix Macs arm.

    The face expression on the left always gets me. He definitely knew it would be used as a “before” pic :D
  6. Fuzz

    Mac to join Pro Bowl Skills showdown (UPDATE: VIDEO Added)

    I was hoping he'd be a part of this! Only part of the pro bowl worth watching. Especially excited to see him in the precision passing event. I think he has a good chance to break Derek Carr's record (21 points).
  7. Fuzz

    Mac going to the probowl as an alternate?

    Yeah, but its mediocre based on how impressive the feat is. These are the only 12 qbs to ever be considered to have performed among the top in their position in their first year. Would have expected more than 50% to have turned out good, and multiple first ballot hall of famers.
  8. Fuzz

    Mac going to the probowl as an alternate?

    As much as I'd like to see Mac recognized as a pro-bowl qb as a rookie, he would be in surprisingly mediocre company:
  9. Fuzz

    Mac going to the probowl as an alternate?

    Might actually watch the game if this happens. Would be nice to watch him throw to Hill/Chase/Diggs/Allen.
  10. Fuzz

    Best NFL Player every position 2021 per espn vets and rookies

    QB - rookie: Mac Jones (79.3) RB - overall: Damien Harris (87.5) RB - rookie: Rhamondre Stevenson (79.2) DT - rookie: Christian Barmore (63.8) S - surprise: Adrian Phillips (80.5)
  11. Fuzz

    OT: Week 16 Other Games

    He’s just saving his positivity for the other 31 teams. Unless we beat them. Then they suck.
  12. Fuzz


    Merry Christmas everyone! Hanukkah ended almost 3 weeks ago
  13. Fuzz

    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    No doubt there’s a few posters trolling this thread. I’m guessing theyre triggered by the anti-Bill stuff and want to rub it in any chance they get. Not saying it’s right. I wish that would stop too. Brady gave all of us an immense amount of pride and happiness and deserves nothing but gratitude...
  14. Fuzz

    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Of course Belichick wouldn’t have the same level of success without Brady. It was a preposterous question by the reporter. Every great head coach had a great quarterback. Every great quarterback had a great head coach early on in their careers. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Of course it’s a...
  15. Fuzz

    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Brady needed Bill as much as Bill needed Brady.
  16. Fuzz

    OT: Official 2021 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    See it's this kind of thing that makes people want to troll you guys. A lot of you guys want to give Brady all the credit for everything, and chirp up as soon as the pats lose a game. Where was this talk in the last two months? I guess I was naive to think we were past all of this. Face it, some...
  17. Fuzz

    OT: Week 16 Other Games

    Yeah, they’ll have about 5 seconds left
  18. Fuzz

    OT: Week 16 Other Games

    That’s game
  19. Fuzz

    OT: Week 16 Other Games

    Ouch. I’m bracing for the day this happens to the Pats.