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    Interest in James Bradberry?

    Any interest in James Bradberry as he was released today Giants Release James Bradberry
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    QB and Oline Coaches

    Judge to work with QB's and Matty P with OL Report: Joe Judge To Coach Quarterbacks, Matt Patricia To Coach Offensive Line For Patriots Scares the crap out of me especially Judge
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    Draft pick

    There may be a few teams that could have similar records to the Patriots either at 7-9 or 6-10. I am wondering if anyone knows what the highest pick the Pats could end end up with once the season is over or is it too soon to know? I would greatly appreciate some opinions where it might be. :) TIA
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    Tom Brady at age of 43.

    How many of you guys think TB will make it to the age of 43?
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    All things "Tom Brady" thread

    Instead of having multiple threads about TB, Can we just use this thread for all everything related to TB. We dont need all these: PFT: Brady "Unlikely" to Retire Money and cap considerations: another year of Brady or ... ? It really is Brady having no help, Wow If Brady decides to retire...
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    OT Eric Ebron

    Looks like he wont be back with Indy. Any interest? Colts GM: "We'll Probably Move On" From Eric Ebron
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    Trent Brown's play

    I was hoping to get some opinions on his play this year from others. I think he has done pretty well, especially not hearing his name called for too many penalties overall, which is always a pretty good sign. Do you think he is worth signing a contract extension? Your opinions?
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    OT.. AUto Surcharges question

    I would like to know if anyone appealed surcharges from a car accident before and what the process is like? Also, what were the results? TIA
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    NFL 2018 draft question

    I was hoping some of you could help me out with all the college players the Pats have either interviewed or BB has seen in person for the upcoming draft? It would be greatly appreciated. thx
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    Has he passes the concussion protocol in order to play on Sunday? thx
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    johnson-bademosi to pats

    Who is this guy? Patriots To Acquire DB Johnson Bademosi From Lions
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    OT: live discussion pop ups

    Is there a way to disable these? thx
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    draft forum

    Could someone give me an exact link for the forum's draft section. thx
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    Josh McD might succed Bill B

    What are your thoughts about this?? Report: Josh McDaniels ‘intent’ staying with Patriots until Bill Belichick retires
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    Brady or Goodell threads

    Hi Guys, I just though about having one thread about Brady and one about Goodell instead having so many of them on this site. That way all the news, appearances or articles are in 2 threads only so we dont have to go looking or starting new threads about everything and it will be easier for the...
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    OT: question

    Where did my nfl players and weed thread go and why? I was just asking ppl's opinion.
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    NFL players and weed

    After reading CC's comments about CJ, I was curious how many of you think NFL players smoke weed? If you could give me a % I would appreciate it. thx
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    Guys, Dont feel bad...

    there is always next yr coz this team wont get past their 1st playoff opponent this yr playing like this. Sorry
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    C. Jones

    Did he get hurt? If so, how badly is it? thx