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    Super Bowl Winning QB Trend?

    I can't help but notice that the last two Super Bowls were won by two QBs playing in their first year with a new organization. In both cases, Tom Brady and Matt Stafford, are two veterans of the league but it's still impressive considering the QB has to... 1.) Learn a new playbook 2.) Adapt to...
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    Fourth Down Frenzy

    Going for it on fourth down on your own side of the field has historically been reserved for teams trailing in the fourth quarter when they have nothing left to lose. That does not apply to the 1 o’clock games today. There have been at least six instances today where teams have gone for it on...
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    Goal to Go scenario at the end of the game

    Sorry if this has already been talked about at length, but I think the Pats played the game ending goal to go scenario perfectly on offense. They ran the ball on each play to milk the clock and then kicked an easy field goal with 20 seconds left. In my travels after the game I was surprised...
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    My contribution to a Patriots' Championship

    With Edelman's retirement news, I thought it was worth re-circulating this Edelman DDTYME video in which I caught a pass from him (yes, the fat guy wearing the donut head). You may brush it off, but for a guy who sits at a computer all day having the pressure of catching a ball thrown by...
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    Throwback Super Bowl Hype Videos I made

    To help get everyone pumped for the Super Bowl as Tom looks for number 7, I thought you might appreciate some Super Bowl hype videos I made for past Super Bowls...... SB 53 SB 51 SB 46 (yes, I'm aware they lost but I still think this is my best edit)
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    Green Bay kicking the field goal: a different perspective

    Hi everyone, so I'm sure there has already been some good chatter about the Packers' decision to kick the field goal down by 8 late in the NFCC game. They never saw the ball again and it's clear to everyone they should have gone for it. I, too, believe they should have gone for it. When you...
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    Crazy Stat if Brady Wins...

    If Tom Brady and the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl then Tom Brady will have more Super Bowl victories than any NFL franchise. That's pretty wild when you think that Tom Brady would have been more successful in his 20 NFL seasons than some franchises in 55 seasons (I know not all franchises were...
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    Why the BB vs Brady argument is unfair

    Alright, we all know the trendy storyline all season has been..........who will fair better "Brady vs Belichick"? It's as if the outcome will finally decide the age old debate of who was the bigger contributor to the Pats success, Brady or Belichick? It's as if Pats fans have to decide if they...
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    Bucs vs WAS/NYG and CLE vs PIT the two prime time wild card games

    Interesting choice of prime time wild card games. The two games that are selected for the wild card prime time games are........... Bucs at Washington or NYG on SAT Night Browns at Steelers on Sunday Night It seems Tom Brady is still a HUGE draw as I can't help but think he is the sole...
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    Semi-OT: Steelers Quest for Perfection. What would you like to see happen?

    I'll be honest, obviously I've known the Steelers have been undefeated but I never really considered a perfect season as a serious reality....until today. At 11-0 while I still don't think it will happen it at least deserves to be discussed as a possibility. Now, I can pretty sure guarantee...
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    Major flaw in the playoff format

    OK, so I know my post isn't really 'anything new' as this will come up from time to time, but I think I have a perspective that will show just how bad it is...….. I HATE that every division winner gets a home game. Oftentimes the top wild card teams will have a better record than the worst...
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    Vrabel Intentional Penalty: Genius Move

    Sorry, I'm not as frequent a poster here as I'd like to be, so my apologies if this was already posted (but after a quick look I didn't see it). Mike Vrabel, coach of the Titans and former Pats player/BB student, made a genius coaching decision that should be getting more attention. Situation...
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    Crazy throwback stat:Curtis Martin

    So I’ve been looking back at the 96 team since that is the team that ultimately made me love football. Here’s a crazy thing I noticed from the game against INDY that year. The Pats opened with two really long drives, one for 10 plays and one for 11 plays. So that’s 21 plays of which 18 of...
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    Super Bowl Box Set DVD/Blu Ray

    Hi, If you're like me you just love any Patriot-related videos. Yes, for each of the championships I have the NFL Video and the Patriots 3 Games to Glory videos. They are awesome. What I've found interesting though, is that the NFL used to produce Super Bowl box sets every ten years that...
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    Minor Gripe: Season Naming Convention

    COVID concerns exist, players are opting out, there are major issues with sports in general right now. Why not take a break from that for a second for something trivial. Has it bothered anyone else the NFL season naming convention only refers to the year in which the season starts? Well...
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    Could Brady to Tampa Bay be a good thing?

    Ok, Ok, I know Tom Brady has been discussed to death. With the news of Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay the narrative has been all about the blame game. Who's fault is it? Belichick, Brady, or Kraft Once we get past the 'shock value' of coming to terms with the fact that Brady will not be wearing...
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    Interesting Reminder of Edelman's catch in SB51

    So we all remember Edelman's incredible catch of a defender deflection during the Pats last 'real' drive of regulation against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. WHile we all remember that play, there is one aspect of the play that may get overlooked. Yes, the play happened during the Pats last...
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    Super Bowl Matchup You'd Like to See

    Simply put what Super Bowl matchup would you like to can feel free to provide reasoning if you'd like............. Chiefs vs 49ers Chiefs vs Packers Titans vs 49ers Titans vs Packers
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    End of Season thoughts after a few days of reflection

    I'm at peace with this loss. Prior playoff losses were agonizing.............if they just made this play here or that play there, we could have won that game and the whole championship. After seeing them struggle at the end of the season (including home games), and continue to struggle against...
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    Patriots fall JUST SHORT of TD record

    On October 28th I posted that the Patriots were five players away from tying the all time record for most individual players to score a touchdown in the regular season (21). (I would have done this as a reply to that thread but it's currently locked) Most of us in the thread expected the Pats...