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    Trade Deadline

    Actually, I'd prefer going after the Eagles 4th year pro OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai than I would Williams at this point. Should be achievable cap-wise. He'd be a one year rental.
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    Trade Deadline

    I'm hoping the Redskins will pay his salary off as a bonus to help cap issues and make the trade viable. If they get what they need in draft picks, the Redskins might be willing to do that. Williams has been somewhat injury prone, btw. Overall, I'd prefer to go after Howard. It would be easier...
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    POLL: Is Sanu worth a 2nd rounder ?

    Pats 2nd round pick is like a 3rd rounder. If it was the only way to get Sanu on the team, then I'm all for it. Here's an interesting comment from a Falcon's fan: "Sanu is the most under rated wide reciever in the NFL. As a falcons fan, this is horrible news. This is the first trade that...
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    Antonio Brown

    Maybe so but the Pats aren't marrying the guy. It's a one year contract. Maybe they can get a Super Bowl then a third round compensatory pick for him next year. I'm with BB on this one: he's worth a one year risk.
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    Trent Williams interest?

    People didn't like the idea when I proposed the idea back in June. What has changed? cap space. Please feel free to remove either this thread of the later one on Trent Williams.
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    Trent Williams interest?

    Trent Williams is likely too expensive, but what are the realistic alternatives? I agree that it would be a longshot but if they could swing a trade and find a cap fit, it would cement up a big hole in the roster.
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    Trent Williams interest?

    What price a Super Bowl? I think the addition of Mr. Williams really increases the chances. Have weakness, have a solution. They would have to find a way to make it doable capwise. LT is a pricey position. You can't toss pennies at it as the team managed to do last year. On the downside, he does...
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    Trent Williams interest?

    LT Trent Williams is set to make $11 million this year. He's got two years left on his contract. BB, give the Redskins an offer they can't refuse. Jay Gruden hopes Trent Williams returns
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    Idle thoughts - The road to KC edtion

    Quick question: who will the crowd noise affect most, offense or defense? Thanks
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    Poll: Would you support a salary cap discount for teams to retain players?

    No I don't support any cap reduction for player retention. It runs counter to the whole point of free agency. If you don't want to allow free agency then you end it. If you want to allow it then you do. You can't allow free agency then put into place a program that deincentivizes it at the same...
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    Who will be traded?

    Who do you think might be the likeliest player on the roster to be traded? I said "traded," not "cut." Not only must you feel this player will be cut but you must also feel that he has trade value. My pick? Eric Rowe. I think J. McCourty will win the job as #2 cb.
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    Pittsburgh Troll Agrees With Overturning the TD

    Okay, let's definitively end this "controversy." As a receiver heading towards the ground, he had to maintain possession for the TD even if it crossed the plane en route. He was not a runner who had already established possession. Here's a quick video to explain the rule: Dean Blandino explains...
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    Who Can Challenge Pats in the AFC?

    Easy one for me to answer: The Ravens
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    Who can we stash away after cuts?

    Bedard: "Everyone likes their own guys." NFL teams tend to keep their own cuts of young guys on their PS. Let's hope we get to keep ours as well.
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    Who can we stash away after cuts?

    There are going to be some damned good players who won't make the 53. Who do you think we can stash away? And who will likely be snapped up? I know some of these players might make the team, but it will be tough. -Adam Butler -Kenny Moore -Harvey Langi -Foster -Devin Lucien -Austin Carr
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    Interesting comment from Gil Brandt regarding quarterbacks in this year's draft.

    Feel free to ignore the thread. Nobody is dragging you over here to read it. The Jimmy G story has not yet closed. It will once the draft has ended.
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    Interesting comment from Gil Brandt regarding quarterbacks in this year's draft.

    “I think (next year’s quarterback class) factors in a great deal,” Brandt said during a conference call on Wednesday. “People now look ahead. Let’s just use San Francisco. They’re trying to decide whether to take a quarterback or a position player, and in all probability, they’ve already scouted...
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    Patriots extend offer to Bills RFA RB Mike Gillislee

    it will be much more difficult to defend 4M for Gillislee in 2017 when they could easily have him for 2.7 or the 2nd round pick.. (Quoted from Long Distance) bing! bing! bing! We have a winner!!