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  1. varjao

    Gronk. Sign the beast.

    What's Gronk salary lately? 10 Mi /year? Can we afford that and unleash the 3 TE offense or kick Jonu Smith out. Seems like he isn't staying in Tampa, he certainly won't go to a team sucking, the Pats is kind of rebuilding somewhat but young and promising QB, good pieces on offense, he knows...
  2. varjao

    Maybe Cam is a better QB than we (and everybody else) thought?

    Still early but I'm impressed with Cam on the passing game. He was throwing darts between the numbers all over the place yesterday. Impressed to the point that begs the question, is it possible that this guy is better than what was the common sense between football fans about his game? It's...
  3. varjao

    The Pats need a new direction on draft/FA signings

    The Pats need a Professional GM with total autonomy. I don't know how would they work this out, but I think BB should stay only on coaching duty. Obviously he can have a say here and there, but the Pats needs to reevaluate all ther scouting and draft process. The results aren't good enough. Our...
  4. varjao

    Discussing a contract extension for Thuney

    I think it's time to extend Thuney before he hits FA next year and some team throw crazy money at him. The core of our OL is in the middle. Shaq Mason is signed for years, Andrews if I recall correctly got an extension so he is not going to be a FA soon and I think there is a chance a good...
  5. varjao

    Dorsett over/under 1000 yards

    Last year Brandon Cookie received for 1080 yards without doing too much of a splash. The fact is, for a guy who plays this role of stretching the field, if he stays healthy for 16 games and get some targets it's reasonable to think he will get his 60-80 yards a game. We know the Pats...
  6. varjao

    Positions to fill after roster cutdowns

    As usual the Pats will be open for business after the start of roster cuts and will do a move or 2 in the last Friday and Saturday before closing the book on the 53. There might be a trade as well depending on the development on the WR position, I believe this trade if it happens won't involve...
  7. varjao

    The defense is not fine

    Absence of playmaker. No pass rush. Not even the turnovers that used to save the day back when we had stinky secondaries. I never bought into the narrative that this was a good defense. Good regular season defense. That was a shame today. But I don't blame BB or anyone. We need an infusion of...
  8. varjao

    It's official ............ {Patriots own Falcons}

    HEY ATLANTA FALCONS Best Regards, Yours NEP ---- It's official, big shout out to the Patriots D yesterday that came in for a statement. Offense and Special Teams, congratulations as well, great game. But, what we saw yesterday was the confirmation that we crushed the Falcons soul in last...
  9. varjao

    Predicting the rest of the season (All teams)

    Well, slow news week, I thought it would be interesting to do an exercise. Every year we try to predict how teams will perform based on previous year, draft, free agency signings and pre season. When real football starts though, everything changes. Teams don't perform, injuries, surprises...
  10. varjao

    Carr vs Lucien

    Unless BB makes a move, one of the two will get the last WR spot. I think it's a little too late for trading for a seasoned WR with a bit of a name, so any trade would actually be for what many here call, a JAG. Or a castoff that didn't make the 53 of other team. Actually it could be Carr x...
  11. varjao

    The "The Pats don't need many draft picks this year" talk

    This year this seems to be a recurring subject since Bill traded a lot of our draft picks but actually every year I listen something on those lines. Considering Bill has been building deep and quality rosters for a while and we are not the Browns, every year in the past 3 or 4 years I listen...
  12. varjao

    Discussing an Edelman contract extension

    I was taking a look at some Patriots contracts and according to the website Edelmans cap hit for 2017 is 5.750,000 and he is an UFA next year. He is a top 5 receiver in the league although he does not get the recognition he deserves but whatever. He is in the last leg of his career...
  13. varjao

    Props to the medical and conditioning staff

    It's been days I want to create this thread and always forget. Between training camp worries on Edelman's broken foot and Ninkovich torn triceps, to Mitchell arm injury on pre season, to managing Bennet's ankle situation, to the great physical shape these players showed during the season and at...
  14. varjao

    2016-17 College Football Bowl Games

    Thread to comment on the bowls games. I don't understand the hype on Brad Kaya, the games I've seen him play I was not impressed.
  15. varjao

    McCourty's special

    Well D-Mac gets some hate around here because he doesn't make flashy plays so when he does I think he deserves praise. And that tackle was kind of a big play, some time in the clock, Denver is a lucky team, that sealed the deal. And I've seen him doing that tackle before that's why I'm naming...
  16. varjao


    @dikembe 957 yards and 13 TDs with 4 games to go. Before the season I never though he would be any better than previous years. Great season and he seems to be living a nice moment. Hopefully he can add another SB ring to end this perfect season.
  17. varjao

    Interesting tweet from Trolin

    The NFL achieved, by design or luck, their dream of parity. At what cost? I don't know but perhaps quality? Integrity? I didn't research these numbers from past years but I believe at this point in the season usually you have more than 4 teams out of the race.
  18. varjao

    OT: Tragedy in Colombia, soccer team dies in plane crash

    Woke up today with the devastating news about a plane crash that victimized 75 out of 81 passengers in a flight in Colombia with the entire crew of the Chapecoense soccer team from the city of Chapecó, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. They were headed to play the first game of the finals of...
  19. varjao

    Special Teams

    Ok so many to talk and blame on defense, but one play I didn't see being mentioned, was a weak ass kickoff that Seattle returned to the 40 yard line. This season, between Ghost mistakes and Cyrus Jones fumbling, I am under the impression the ST's are not performing like they used to. Is there...
  20. varjao

    The fix was in today? Yes or no

    First of all, let me make this perfectly clear. We didn't lose because of the refs today. The Patriots wasn't a good football team today and got outplayed and outcoached in all possible aspects. Congrats to the Buffalo Bills, they were the better team today. That said, I just want to get a...