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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thead- [email protected]

    The NFL network is NOT National Television.
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    NFL to require Covid booster shot for all staff (update: new protocols required)

    Imagine understanding the fact that the approved Comernity injection has not been distributed. All Pfizer injections are still the emergency use injections. You are the large scale trials.
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    Classic Onion Article on Mac Jones

    The Onion? 100% Satire. May as well say 'Check out this SNL skit about Mac10'......
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bucs beat the Pats

    Sad to see, yet again, such a poorly refereed game, especially this one. Truly makes me less interested every season as the officiating deteriorates.
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Saints beat the Pats

    Stubbornness not to shuffle the OL. Trading SMichel was a terrible plan. Could have had the best 1-2 punch in the league, but now you have JJ and Bolden. If you're going to make an example of RStev for fumbling, then make JSmith inactive for a couple weeks. He sucked today, let D Asiasi get a...
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    OLine's 2-4 Record Crappiness Stabilized, 7 wins in a row now

    As a former Army paratrooper, I agree with this statement....
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    Game Day Thread Official Post-Game Thread: Week 1 - Pats lose to Dolphins 17-16

    Yes and they still got it wrong. There were more missed calls in this game than a 3rd rate HS game.......on both sides.
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    Cam Released

    Not surprised. I've been saying for months it was 50/50 that he even makes the team.
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    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Day 8 Training Camp Thread- Thursday August 5th

    Not taking the vaccine has nothing to do with conspiracy theories or anti-science. The Scientist that invented the mRNA technology even claims that it shouldn't be used the way they are doing it. I have already had it. I have antibodies that are far superior to any vaccine. That is science...
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    Frank Clark busted for driving with Uzi, arrested for felony possession

    With some of the most draconian, useless, unconstitutional gun laws in the country. If it's doing so well, why are they mired in debt and residents are fleeing that shytehole??
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    Frank Clark busted for driving with Uzi, arrested for felony possession

    Virtually all of the AR15s sold in the US are semi automatic only. The few that are fully automatic or three round burst are considered automatic and you need a class three transfer stamp from the ATF to purchase it.
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    Frank Clark busted for driving with Uzi, arrested for felony possession

    True, but being in Commifornia isn't going to help. Is he a resident there? Can he even own a gun there? If he already has a Domestic Violence conviction, he can't ever own a gun again in almost every state. If that's the case then is an automatic felony.
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    Mandatory Mini Camp Practice- 6/15

    Still better than being a Masshole.
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    Mandatory Mini Camp Practice- 6/14

    There's always excuses far Cam.
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    Mac Jones blowing away Patriots coaches and teammates

    Completely disagree. If Cam is playing the whole season, something went catastrophically bad. He just is not the right QB for this offense. He just cannot process information fast enough or anticipate .... anything. Forget about his inability to actually throw.
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    Will Sony make this team?

    The 1-2 punch of Harris and Michel is very good. No way he gets cut.
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    DRAFT Welcome Mac Jones

    More than likely he will ask to be released when he realizes he is QB3.