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  1. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Calling it now...

    The Jets will be coming to town for the divisional game. If ever there was a must win in this franchises history it will be this game. After last years debacle I don't think I could show my face in public if they lost to them a second straight year.
  2. Ice Cold Bruschi

    I'll just leave this here - Pro Football - Dr. Z's NFL Power Rankings - Thursday September 27, 2001 03:37 PM Amazing just how far we've come in 10 years
  3. Ice Cold Bruschi

    What happened to Woodhead?

    The guy produced over 900 yards of offense last year for us, now he barely gets on the field. Seems like we've gotten away from designed screens but I think we really need to get the ball to him in open field again.
  4. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Asante on the market

    Peyton Hillis, Asante Samuel could be available | ProFootballTalk I say if the price is right we go for it. I know the secondary has looked good the past two weeks but if we can get Asante back for the price of say a 3rd or 4th rounder, I say we pull the trigger today.
  5. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Brad Smith Unlikely to resign with the Jets

    I know its a little early for offseason threads especially with the magnitude of game this week. But we gotta snatch this guy up this offseason, his versatility has Pats written all over him. Don’t expect Brad Smith back with the Jets in 2011 | ProFootballTalk
  6. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Tom Brady the official male spokesperson of UGG

    Damn it Tom, didn't we take enough flak for your goat pictures a few years back. Forget the fact that I hate the stupid fad of ugg boots but its a straight up girls clothing company. Tom Brady to endorse UGG as it breaks into men's apparel - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
  7. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Get loud!!!!!!

    I just secured my ticket for tomorrow and I intend to scream my guts out! Gillette has gotten a bad rep for being a quiet stadium and that needs to change. I've been to the great Pats-Colts games that have been played in NE and the place was shaking. We need to help the team as best we can by...
  8. Ice Cold Bruschi

    McCourty DROY?

    Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone else who would be in the running with D-Mac.
  9. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Official Pats/Jets Postgame Thread

    Butler is GARBAGE I don't think they've thrown more than 2 or 3 passes towards anyone other than him and now two PI interference calls this drive? I hope this isn't a portent of things to come.
  10. Ice Cold Bruschi


    Simms said Chung is starting for Meriweather today. Any word on why? He wasn't on the inactive list. Is this bad news for Meriweather? Has he regressed that much from last year?
  11. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Interesting Mock with projected trades in the 1st

    Great Blue North Draft Report They have us trading with JAX to get Dez Bryant for the 22nd and 44th picks.
  12. Ice Cold Bruschi

    This cannot be allowed to happen

    Revis, Asomugha together as Jets? - AFC East Blog - ESPN Nnamdi and Revis are talking about being on the same team and sound serious about it potentially happening. If he can be pried away from the Raiders BB needs to work his magic on old uncle Al if only to keep him off the Jets. I'm also...
  13. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Tear up this coaching staff

    This game just tears it for me. I've been saying it all year we need to bring in some new blood for our coaching staff. Bill O'Brien and Dean Pees are just a couple Yes Men. One of the great advantages of Weiss/McDaniels and Crennel was that they had the balls to challenge BB's opinion. We need...
  14. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Poor McCoy

    You gotta feel for the guy, He gets gypped out of a shot at the national title last year. And now after finally reaching the game he gets knocked out after just a few plays.
  15. Ice Cold Bruschi

    I wonder who gets Welker's spot in Pro Bowl

    Obviously its not the most pressing matter at hand but does Moss get Welkers pro bowl spot? Does anyone know who's next on the alternate spot?
  16. Ice Cold Bruschi

    OT: Worse than Theismann...

    Dunno if anyone posted this already, but this is video of Eric Wood the Bills 1st round pick breaking his leg last week. People with weak constitutions probably shouldn't watch this one. YouTube - Eric Wood leg break
  17. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Just wondering...

    Tully Banta-Cain has 5 sacks on the year. Where has he been lined up when he's gotten them? Has he been stood up in a 3-4 olb position or playing with his hand down as a 4-3 end? It seems like the few sacks we do get come on blitzs up the middle from either a safety or a mlb. Or just a bullrush...
  18. Ice Cold Bruschi

    Well we've got this going for us

    No one has ever led the league in passing yards and won a super bowl (something I saw as a bad omen in 07). And right now Manning is on pace to do just that.
  19. Ice Cold Bruschi

    "Why your team sucks: NY Jets Edition"

    Why Your Team Sucks: New York Jets (Featuring Confessions Of A Meadowlands Security Guard) - 2009 NFL preview - Deadspin Pretty hilarious but at the same time sad haha