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  1. Uncle Rico

    Brian Hoyer and kendrick Bourne appreciation thread

    TWO Patriots tied for league lead in Passer Rating! :cool: Passing Leaders
  2. Uncle Rico

    Nothing to see here

    Sorry. Fell for a bad tweet from the NYT saying TB had signed an extension. But it was all about the "agreement" from August.
  3. Uncle Rico

    OT: 2020 opponents home and away

    While the team is focused on Miami, it’s fun as fans to take a few minutes to look ahead (I promise this thread won’t affect how the Patriots play next week, or in the playoffs ...)
  4. Uncle Rico


    My wife and I are getting in the holiday spirt sipping egg nog and watching the Maurice Sendak ‘Nutcracker,’ The music always reminds me of by far the greatest regular sports intro music ever, the version of “Nutrocker” on Chsnnel 38 before Bruins games in the ‘70s. (Honorable Mention to Wide...
  5. Uncle Rico

    AB toying with us again

  6. Uncle Rico

    SB 39

    After a long day of yard work I’m enjoying “NFL’s Greatest Games” on SB 39 for the first time (on NFLN). Good show and I just want to say, what a great freaking game, played by men. That’s all.
  7. Uncle Rico

    OT-ish: O Line coach

    Interesting. Especially with the Josh connection. And Dante will want to retire (again) some day.
  8. Uncle Rico

    Brady's 77 (!) Post-Season TDs (so far)

    Givens was a beast.
  9. Uncle Rico

    Pats will wear white jerseys

    ... their choice as home team. New England Patriots to wear white in Super Bowl LII Guess they used up all the luck the blues had with those first two SB wins.
  10. Uncle Rico

    Fun/Sad BB/Browns fact

  11. Uncle Rico

    Schefter: League considers more Sunday night playoff games

    From the story: Can't say I love this idea. First, I just love day games better in general. Really wishing there was a game coming right up at 1. Second, I disagree with the second part of the quote above, comparing playoffs to regular season. Especially in the Divisional Round: It's...
  12. Uncle Rico

    Christmas message from BB

    Mods, merge if you must, but thought this was fun:
  13. Uncle Rico Brady-Manning — the Beginning

    Week 12 Notebook: Tom Brady's rise began vs. Peyton Manning - This article is a nice reminder that, when he drops the snark, Breer can be a good writer and even offer insight. His account of that first Brady-Manning game is very much as I remember it. There's the Cox hit of course, a...
  14. Uncle Rico

    Week 11 TV Map

    506 Sports Kind of (pleasantly) surprised we get Denver-Bears in eastern Mass./NH. I figured they would automatically go for the division rivals (Jets, vs. Texans). Someone must have realized Denver is more relevant to us right now. Kraft influence? Big FU to the Jets? ("Hey Jets — You're...
  15. Uncle Rico

    Hudson Solder Has Kidney Cancer [Update: Nate's Monday Night Speech]

    Jeezus. Awful. Best to the family.
  16. Uncle Rico

    Pretty good article on Brady, Pats

    Tom Brady's feet beat Colts in Deflategate rematch | The MMQB with Peter King It wasn't the blowout some of us had hoped for, but it was impressive in its own way, and I thought Benoit did a nice job explaining why: Worth a read. Nice to see a national media person acknowledging the ad hoc...
  17. Uncle Rico

    Great pic of Patriots, Brady

    Have seen this in a few places (Including Shaq's twitter timeline). Awesome in so many ways:
  18. Uncle Rico

    And now ... Shiftgate! Patriots violate 'unwritten rule'! Now, I got this link from a Breer Tweet ("Patriots will likely hear these complaints all year. Visiting teams now have license to raise concerns.") Really, "license to...
  19. Uncle Rico

    Inside the NFL SB edition on NFLN now (9 pm wed)

    For some reason my Comcast info is showing the whole game rebroadcast but it's the awesome Inside the NFL edition. Great stuff.
  20. Uncle Rico

    Sherman after second pick: 'His heart's gone' From the Inside the NFL segment: Pretty dumb thing for such a smart guy to say. Meanwhile...