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  1. BelichicksHoodie

    Is anyone still worried about the Bills?

    The cupcake schedule the first half of the year helped matters, a lot.
  2. BelichicksHoodie

    Ravens QBs & Mobility in General

    Harbaugh threw away half of those games away with boneheaded fourth down and and 2 point conversion attempts even though he had the goat kicker.
  3. BelichicksHoodie

    Bengals resting starters

    Karma is a you know what. Zac Taylor won’t sleep for a month after that game, he won’t know what hit him. He can cry some more.
  4. BelichicksHoodie

    Game Day Thread Official Pre Game Thread- Pats @ Dolphins

    I’m surprised there aren’t more defenders there. Guess it shows how well everyone works as a unit, just do your job as Bill says and the rest will take are of itself.
  5. BelichicksHoodie

    No matter what, this was a successful season.

    This season was a big unknown, we knew what we were going to get year in, year out with Tom. Cam Newton as well for the most part. There's something special about a rookie quarterback. You don't know if you'll see some magic or an utter trainwreck.
  6. BelichicksHoodie

    Antonio Brown accuses Bucs of wanting him to play on injured ankle (update: finally released)

    That is one hell of a story. You couldn't make that up if you tried.
  7. BelichicksHoodie

    Game Day Thread Official Pre Game Thread- Pats @ Dolphins

    I thought if Buffalo loses to the Jets and we beat Miami we win the division? I don't think any of the 1pm games have any impact on what we're trying to get out of Sunday but I might be mistaken.
  8. BelichicksHoodie

    Antonio Brown accuses Bucs of wanting him to play on injured ankle (update: finally released)

    He went from kindergarten English to Rhodes Scholar in about four hours.
  9. BelichicksHoodie

    A Frustrating Observation On N'Keal Harry

    Apples to oranges. Edelman was passed over 231 times. The Patriots themselves passed him up 10 times before picking him.
  10. BelichicksHoodie

    Bengals resting starters

    I don’t think the minority at all. The Bengals have almost zero playoff experience from coaches to players. Chargers blew them out. Barely beat Denver. Lost to the 49ers because they had no clue how to defend a tight end. All in the last month. People are blinded by a KC defensive meltdown...
  11. BelichicksHoodie

    Best young QBs under 25

    Daniel Jones at 12 on that list is too high. I'd park him right at the bottom. He's shown absolutely nothing. Another Gettleman master class.
  12. BelichicksHoodie

    Pats game in Miami Flexed to 4:25

    The QB effect on that map. Brady and Allen.
  13. BelichicksHoodie

    Black Monday thread: the NFL Coaching Carousel

    Nagy, Zimmer, Bevell will be gone. Carroll possibly depending on if Russell Wilson gives them an ultimatum. If Bisaccia gets Vegas to the playoffs I think they bring him back unless someone like Harbaugh wants the job. He’s prevented the usual Raiders collapse. Rhule gets another year I think...
  14. BelichicksHoodie

    Washington new name

    Washington Sucks
  15. BelichicksHoodie

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION NFL Week 18 and Playoff Scenarios

    If the home team wins it’ll be a little easier but back to back road games and a short week won’t be fun.
  16. BelichicksHoodie

    What's wrong with the Chiefs?

    That involves the talking heads actually doing statistical research, which none of them do.
  17. BelichicksHoodie

    Game Day Thread Official Pre Game Thread- Pats @ Dolphins

    They played a lot of terrible football teams over that stretch. Tennessee completely dominated them on Sunday. The fish were always pretenders. Baltimore are an 8-8 football team, and that was their best win on a short week over that stretch. The rest of the teams were the Giants clown...
  18. BelichicksHoodie

    2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Chase has put up all-pro numbers. Jones has been good, solid for the most part but it's not even close. Especially after last week.
  19. BelichicksHoodie

    Snap Count Analysis. Overplayed Busts Contribute to 1-3 December and Alarming 5-10 Dec Record Since 2019

    So you're saying McDaniel's is going to mail it in so he can interview early for coaching jobs? I don't even know where to start....
  20. BelichicksHoodie

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION OT: NFL week 17 other games

    His best piece of college tape was being unblocked on a pass rush. I never fell for the hype. He’s an athletic freak with zero motivation.