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  1. NE_Zealot

    Pac-Man at it again!

    Former Bengal Adam 'Pacman' Jones arrested in Hamilton County
  2. NE_Zealot

    Spagnuoulo: Pats cheated in SB XXXIX

    Steve Spagnuolo: Patriots knew Eagles' signals in Super Bowl 39 Get the excuses ready!
  3. NE_Zealot

    Grey Cup

    Who do you got? Knowing nothing about either team I am picking Calgary since it is a nicer-looking city than Toronto. The line is Calgary -7 with the O/U at 43.5 Game will be televised on ESPN2 at 6:30EST. I’m sure it’ll be a ratings bonanza for the turds at Bristol.
  4. NE_Zealot

    Laughable Brady-Rodgers comparison.

    Is this guy serious? Why Aaron Rodgers is better than Tom Brady Cherry-picks some useless stats like passer rating to favorably compare Rodgers to Brady. Also says Rodgers is better than the GOAT because of the one head-to-head win in 2014. One-ring wonder will never surpass TB12 in this...
  5. NE_Zealot

    OT:Post cool Pats images here.

    Like potential avatars, sigs etc. For instance I found this sweet phone wallpaper for iPhone 6.
  6. NE_Zealot

    Pats most hated team according to new poll

    Poll: America Wants The Patriots To Lose Super Bowl LI Finally taking the top spot from the Cowturds. Enjoy it folks, we're fans of the most successful and relevant team in American sports. I love supporting a team that makes people crazy!
  7. NE_Zealot

    Anyone else thinking Pats/Giants 3?

    I know looking past games is frowned on by fans but I'm getting a feeling now there are good odds it will happen. I think the Raiders are the only team in the AFC that can challenge the Pats. Both teams are starting to peak and I think the Cowboys falter down the stretch. There's the GMen, the...
  8. NE_Zealot

    OT: Funniest YouTube in a long time

    Regarding the Bills scouting dept
  9. NE_Zealot

    Perfect actor to portray Goodell

    Whenever I see the Burger King commercials with this cat it's the only thing I think about. I won't embed a picture of his unholiness here. It would be fantastic if we could pay this guy to spoof our least favorite jackass. What say you? Edited for PC purposes lol
  10. NE_Zealot

    Colts Subvert Injury Reporting Rules on Luck

    Jay Glazer with a report that Luck has been playing with multiple rib fractures in addition to his shoulder injury. This reeks of Gump Manning's surprise quad injury nobody knew about after his early playoff exit last season. When the golden boys are sucking the media is quick to invent...
  11. NE_Zealot

    Anyone going to Lolphins game?

    I'll be there on Thursday the 29th. Can't wait to take pictures of the new Lombardi trophy display!
  12. NE_Zealot

    The funniest thing...

    Is perspective. If this was any other team's SB/multi-SB winning QB embroiled in a scandal, their fans would be doing the same thing we are. The Steelers have plenty of haters/trolls that say their titles are "tainted" as well. Know what their fans say? "Fukk you you're jealous/hater/loser"...
  13. NE_Zealot

    OT: Another Packer wr injured

    I saw a little while ago that Randall Cobb left with a shoulder. Sucks for the cheeseheads!
  14. NE_Zealot

    Brady's endorsements to drop by 50%

    because of defamegate according to The Street (couldn't find a link). Not sure about the rep of that particular site, but this screams for a defamation suit. It's insane how an alleged minor infraction has spiraled this far out of control, I hope more and more media types with sizeable...
  15. NE_Zealot

    Who is worse? Brady or Jared?

    Will Jared from Subway be painted in a more negative light than Tom? Being investigated for kiddie porn vs. being investigated for allegedly deflating a piece of sporting equipment? Discuss.
  16. NE_Zealot

    Mortensen or Rapoport?

    I'm burning to know which is the accurate report. But without any pre-game documentation concerning the inflation levels, does it matter? If there's no starting point then there can't be any factual basis for these shenanigans by the shield. Any clown (Kensil) could've given any readings they...
  17. NE_Zealot

    Cris Carter goes after Jerry Rice

    Cris Carter: If Jerry Rice used stickum, he cheated Posted this in deflategate board, good stuff. Hope we hear about other skeletons from our haters' pasts.
  18. NE_Zealot

    Cris Carter attacks Jerry Rice The fall-out from deflate-fest continues. Seeing the Pats win SB #4 was awesome, but it's also great seeing all the retired haters get theirs. Best part is the league still doesn't have...