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  1. upstater1

    Derek Stingley Jr. is Darryl Stingley's Grandson

    Oh my, I am old, and Derek needs to join the Patriots like his grandad.
  2. upstater1

    Mike Reiss tidbit: if you had to guess, when is the last time a rookie won a playoff game?

    Don't look it up. Just guess if you don't know it, what year? Rookie QB. What year?
  3. upstater1

    Bill Belichick's coaching tree

    OK, we all know that he has no current head coaches in that coaching tree in the NFL -- though of course someone might mention that Mike Vrabel learned a lot from him as did probably the greatest college football coach of all time, Nick Saban. Belichick is getting ripped in the media for not...
  4. upstater1

    How much is a DT worth? Bucs sign Vita Vea to 4 year $73m deal, $42 m guaranteed And it's this kind of stuff that would make me crazy if I were a fan of another team. Bill Belichick isn't going to pay a DT that much. CB, DE, QB, LT, these are the prime...
  5. upstater1

    Myles Bryant

    Does Myles Bryant deserve his own thread? Yes Myles Bryant deserves it. That play almost broke down the same as freakin' Plaxico and also 2006 v. Colts. All out blitz and once again we can't get there in time. Once again our DBs are exposed as multiple WRs break to the inside wide open. And...
  6. upstater1

    Week 12: Other NFL Games

    Went thru 2 pages and couldn't find the other NFL games thread. 1. Aaron Rodgers really looks locked in more than any other QB right now. And with Green Bay's D, this team may be scary. But they are injured at WR. 2. Tom Brady is not the same since playing the Patriots. I was ridiculed for...
  7. upstater1

    Orlovsky: "In the rain on the road against the greatest defensive mind ever in NFL history." Footsie Rex Ryan: "That's debatable."

    Rex will still never give Belichick any credit. He's always been a self-hating jealous moron.
  8. upstater1

    This is an actual post by the Kansas State running back coach...

    Coach Foster @CoachFoster_ I watched a QB take a snap back up two steps and throw the ball in the 3rd row of the left sideline 3 straight plays to “waste clock” I’m still unsure how none of them were intentional grounding 12:00 AM · Sep 10, 2021·Twitter for iPhone 1 Quote Tweet 9 Likes
  9. upstater1

    Goodell caught lying yet again, and this time it may cost Kraft bigtime $$$
  10. upstater1

    Bill Dion Dawkins on the Patriots "Tom Brady was their whole life and he isn't there anymore"

    So, now that the Patriots are dead and without life, I'm going to PIN this sucker up right here. Get me some thumb tacks!!!
  11. upstater1

    What I Love About Football & What I'll Love About the Patriots in 2021

    Apologies for the very long post in advance, but... Next year is going to be nothing but pleasure watching Belichick's team scheme and strategize. Multiple tight ends, a beefy OLine, a QB who has the option to heave it so you better put 2 on Agholor, or the QB can run it, teams will be forced...
  12. upstater1

    New offense: 6 OL, 1WR, 1RB, 2 TEs.

    Patriots might just go back to the 1930s. Jakobi Meyers -- Jonnu Smith -- Isaiah Wynn -- Joe Thuney -- David Andrews -- Shaq Mason -- Michael Onwenu -- Trent Brown -- Devin Asiasi Cam Newton Damian Harris / James White
  13. upstater1

    Hall of Fame's lack of Patriots (Stanley Morgan and Richard Seymour)

    I don't understand why these two aren't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Stanley Morgan's numbers are better than many of his contemporaries who ARE in the Hall of Fame. They say he played for losing teams. Which is not true. AT ALL. In fact, in Stanley's first 12 seasons in the NFL (i.e. the...
  14. upstater1

    Cool Link Lawrence Guy on the Patriot way and Malcolm Butler I really appreciated these words from Lawrence Guy. I usually don't pay much attention to interview segments, especially on hot topics, so I thought this deserved its own thread...
  15. upstater1

    The AFC (L)east

    So, we've gone all year with no media person mentioning the fact that we saw a Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins resurgence the very year that the Patriots had their first losing record in 2 decades. As though this was just a coincidence. I know Patriots fans have long pointed out that the...
  16. upstater1

    SI claims Steve Belichick is the Patriots next HC

    I absolutely do not believe this from SI and SI has come down in the world a lot, but all this is being claimed as coming from inside sources:
  17. upstater1

    Postscript Season Review

    I actually enjoyed the Patriots play this season. I enjoyed the variations with Cam running the ball and new designs in the offense. I enjoyed watching our defenders leave their hearts on the field. I enjoyed watching Dugger, Onwenu, JC Jackson, Terez Hall, Damien Harris, Jakobi Meyers. I saw a...
  18. upstater1

    Q: Have players been taught to lightly nudge or get in the way of refs on close 3rd down spots?

    This seems like something that can be coached. Make the ref go around you and spot the ball with the other foot. Time it right so that when the sideline judge runs toward the hash, step in front of him at the last second. Just watching the Washington/Philly game and I see the ref trying to...
  19. upstater1

    "Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright"

    I can't reply in the Post-Game thread because of the overwhelming tide of negativity. There are calls for BB to step down as GM or to revamp scouting or to do something different than what he's done over the last 20 years. Folks, this is a transition. We've seen this before. 2005. 2010. & now...