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  1. Disco Volante

    NFL Playoff Machine 2021 - Post Your Predictions

    Tiz the season, especially during a bye-week Under my scenario (Pats going winning next 3 games + losses by other contenders), they will have clinched the #1 seed by Week 18 and will be able to rest.
  2. Disco Volante

    We're on to Pittsburgh...

    The game of the regular season, with the #1 seed on the line, is here. Tom Brady Career Game Log |
  3. Disco Volante

    Connecticut Warning: Patriots preseason Week 4 Game may not air on FOX61

    Every few years in Connecticut (and even parts of Southern Mass) the FOX61 affiliate does not air a Patriots game due to the Giants playing the same day. The last time this happened was in 2015: Fox 61 Chooses Giants; Undefeated Patriots Won't Be On TV In Hartford On Sunday Patriots/Redskins...
  4. Disco Volante

    Patriots open as 16 point favorites against Texans

    NFL Latest Line: NFL lines. Weekly NFL line. Pro football betting lines.
  5. Disco Volante

    Patriots have the #1 defense (PPG) in the NFL

    :cool: 1. Patriots (16.6 PPG) 2. Seahawks (16.8 PPG)
  6. Disco Volante

    Suggestion: Can we please get a "Jump to last page" button?

    Really need it for the gamethreads. As of now, you can jump to "last unread post", but not to the last page of the thread. This isn't ideal for a game thread, as many people (such as myself) read the thread but then focus on the game. When you return to the thread, you can click on the "last...
  7. Disco Volante

    Patriots have the #1 defense (PPG) in the NFL

    Defense (PPG) 1. Patriots (18.2) 2. Broncos (18.3) 3. Vikings (18.4) :cool:
  8. Disco Volante

    Peter King: "I believe Josh McDaniels will definitely return to the Patriots next season"

    From the NBC pre-game broadcast. Also has Rex Ryan as the favorite for the Atlanta job. Obviously not official, but about as adamant he could be without confirming.
  9. Disco Volante

    NFL Week 16 Game Discussions

    Thursday Night Football Titans @ Jaguars Saturday Eagles @ Redskins (4:30pm) Chargers @ 49ers (8:25pm) Sunday 1pm Falcons @ Saints Ravens @ Texans Browns @ Panthers Lions @ Bears Packers @ Bucs Vikings @ Dolphins 4:05/4:25pm Colts @ Cowboys Bills @ Raiders Giants @ Rams Sunday Night...
  10. Disco Volante

    Week 12 NFL game discussions

    Thursday Night Football Chiefs @ Raiders 1pm Bengals @ Texans Jaguars @ Colts Browns @ Falcons Packers @ Vikings Titans @ Eagles Buccaneers @ Bears 4:05/4:25pm Dolphins @ Broncos Cardinals @ Seahawks Rams @ Chargers Redskins @ 49ers Sunday Night Football Cowboys @ Giants Monday Night...
  11. Disco Volante

    Skip Bayless: 12 reasons the Patriots will finish 12-4
  12. Disco Volante

    Bills bench EJ Manuel, Kyle Orton to start at QB That didn't take long.
  13. Disco Volante

    Week 2 NFL game discussions

    1pm Dolphins @ Bills Falcons @ Bengals Saints @ Browns Cowboys @ Titans Jaguars @ Redskins Cardinals @ Giants Lions @ Panthers 4pm Jets @ Packers Chiefs @ Broncos Seahawks @ Chargers Texans @ Raiders Rams @ Bucs Sunday Night Football Bears @ 49ers Monday Night Football Eagles @ Colts...
  14. Disco Volante

    [Merged] Patriots Quest for the #1 seed in the AFC

    The Patriots are currently the #3 seed in the AFC. If you break it down, the Patriots can get the #1 seed if... 1. We finish 9-0 -We will be favored in every single remaining game. -We only play 2 more teams with a current winning record (both prime-time at home). -We only have 3 more games...
  15. Disco Volante

    OT: Saints vs Cardinals game discussion (NFL Hall of Fame Game)

    NFL Network (8pm EST) Game-Center It's that time of year where you get slightly excited for the kick-off of the NFL's exhibition season only to be reminded 2 series in just how awful pre-season football is. Regardless, here's a discussion thread. Take a shot every-time the word "bounty" is...
  16. Disco Volante

    Jets give Sanchez 5-year contract extension

    Official Jets Twitter
  17. Disco Volante

    Patriots vs Colts (Week 13)

    Patriots open as 21 point favorites.
  18. Disco Volante

    Patriots are back in 1st place in the AFC East

    Due to tiebreakers. And as Deus mentioned, in six of the next seven games we face the following quarterbacks... Sanchez Cassel Painter Beck Tebow Moore
  19. Disco Volante

    Kurt Warner: "It still makes you question what was on those tapes"

    He's being interviewed on Mike Francesca right now and they were talking about SB36. Mike didn't even ask him about SpyGate or Belichick, Kurt brought up on his own. These guys will never stop.