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    2021 Patriots Roster Discussion Thread

    Looking at the Pats free agents there are going to be a ton of decisions made about the approach to the rebuild this offseason. I won’t be surprised to see them take a step backwards next season, and a drastic reset of the roster may well be coming. Their best free agents are unfortunately worth...
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    A couple of things to consider (draft related)

    a couple of things I have been thinking about regarding this year’s Draft, as well as the 2021 Draft. 1) Whether or not there will be an NFL season in 2020, and how that affects the way teams pick prospects? For instance, do you take big linemen who could blow up if they have no football until...
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    Is this a crazy idea?

    I usually don’t do this, I’m not of fan of wild trade ideas, however Quinn and Patricia have to win now, and they have their QB. So here is the offer: S. Gilmore, J . Edelman, the #23, and a 2nd next year for the #3 overall, but only if Burrow is the only QB off the board at #3. Rip away.....
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    Ian, a pre draft request

    Hey Ian, free agency is dormant, Robert Kraft’s cialis has worn off, and the draft is fast approaching. Imo your site has the best draft knowledge of any site out there, but it’s in the draft forum. My request is that the general forum be allowed to the draft forum for the next couple of weeks...
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    Congratulation Tom Brady #187

    Brady now holds all of the major win records Regular season 187 Postseason 25 Conference Championships 7 Super Bowls 5 Any discussion that remained is done. He’s the GOAT .
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    For anyone sick of all of the ugliness in the world I seriously recommend you go see this documentary when you get the chance. I haven't seen "Gleason" yet but I know some of the story from an earlier documentary about Steve Gleason's quest to continue living his life fully after his diagnosis...
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    Hey Ian, is there any way to limit the Instagram photos to players who still play for the Patriots? I'm not sure how much more of Traveris Cadets breakfast and sneaker photos I can take.
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    Garrapolo-Trade or Keep?

    With no pick in the first round is it time for the Patriots to try and use Garrapolo to move up in the Draft, trade him for a quality veteran at a position of need, out keep him with the hope he will stay long enough to eventually take over at QB? Some things to consider: 1) They can't trade...
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    I don't know about anyone else but I am fascinated by this afternoon's game between Pittsburgh and HGH MANNING. I think Kubiak is making a big mistake starting HGH and will be in a position halfway through the game of having to decide whether or not to replace HGH with Osweiler and possibly end...
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    LMAO- Most wins by a QB

    Too goddamn funny, unless HGH Manning finds a team to play for next season he will end his growth hormone aided career tied forever with Brett Favre at 186. I may never stop laughing.
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    Whose demise are you enjoying more?

    Since Gary Tanguay asked the question I thought we should search out should and ask ourselves. His choices were the Colts or Ravens but since we aren't like Borges (copycats) I felt the need to alter it slightly and give everyone one more choice. Vote away campers, and smile, this is truly karmic.
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    OT Jets will be looking for another QB when their season ends

    Looks like Fitzpatrick is going to be the hot QB on the market in free agency so the Jets can either overpay big time or go back to Geno. Among his suitors should Be: San Francisco The Rams Cleveland Houston Denver Others?
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    Breaking News: Shank found in Hernandez cell

    If true this seems a little over the top to me, even for Shank. If he wants to roll that way all he has to do is hang out with Buckley. Breaking into prison to spoon with Hernandez reeks of desperation. Not judging Just sayin'
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    The" Eye in the Sky": Fraudulent Concussion Protocol

    If Fitzpatrick isn't pulled then they shouldn't pull anyone.
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    Josh McDaniels and a first round draft pick

    It's looking more and more like Josh MacDaniels is going to be one if of not the hottest coaches on the market for a head coach position when the season ends, and if I were to bet on where he lands right now I would say Cleveland. So once again we will be in our yearly "our backup for your first...
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    Participation Ribbons

    Got to go buy me some. I live in Patriot country so I don't expect many deflated footballs showing up at my door on Halloween but I will have participation ribbons handy in place of candy for those who do. And I would encourage Indypatsfan and anyone else who lives outside of New England to have...
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    Thank You Thread

    I got this idea from other posts, rusty coupes comes to mind. Thank you Sally Jenkins Thank you Stephanie Stradley Add to this as you wish.......
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    Final Poll: Yay or Nay

    What will Berman do....... Vacate or uphold?
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    Crybaby Tin Foil Hat Wearing Spygate Truther on the way out?

    Anyone else hear Benz tell Dickerson he would soon be gone with Dickerson replacing him yesterday?
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    Will you still respect Kraft if he compromises with Goodell?

    Simple question. Will you still respect Bob Kraft if he compromises with Goodell?