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    patsfan Ken

    Where are you Ken? I specifically come to the board after each game looking for your idol thoughts.
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    Defensive front alignment

    I'm sure this has been discussed but I don't see a specific thread on it but I'm very curious about the front alignment. I've seen a few games now where there are 2 down lineman with Shelton often over the center and a DE (Guy) lined up over the strong side tackle (where the TE is) and Simon in...
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    Run Defense

    Good article by Curran and some pointed remarks about M. Brown from Mayo which contradicts remarks by some players last week about Brown being one of the more underrated players. For all the talk about the last play of the game and mental mistakes. this is what concerned me most and those chunk...
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    Mandatory minicamp - reps with the 1's and 2's

    Interesting article from Curran regarding Brady and Gronk and their reps at practice this week and something that has crossed my mind. What's 'best for the team' when it comes to Brady, Gronkowski workload at minicamp? It wouldn't surprise me to see Brady and Gronk working with the 2's to...
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    LA Waddle

    Nice to see no mention of him on the participation/injury report. Although Fleming has held his own, I prefer Waddle at RT.
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    Dion Lewis ball carrying preference

    On his ruled fumble (and please I don't want to debate whether it was a fumble), I noticed he was carrying the ball with his right arm even though he was on the left side of the field. RB's are typically coached to carry it with the arm closest to the sideline to reduce risk of fumble since the...
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    1986 MNF

    Came across this highlight video and brought back memories. Grogan in relief and a win or go home scenario. This was the last game at the Orange Bowl and my buddies and I were out watching this game and getting absolutely hammered.
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    Contract negotiator for the Patriots

    With Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio away and this week being the final week before free agency, I was curious who is the contracts lead for the Patriots. I know Floyd Reese had that part of this job description when he was here but I'm not aware of anyone that has a similar title and Michael...
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    Josh Cribbs non muff call in Colts - Broncos game

    This one confuses me and maybe somebody can clarify the rule relative to what Blandino said on NFLN. The play I'm referring to is when Cribbs appeared to fumble or muff the punt and the initial call was a fumble recovered by the Broncos. It was reversed on review. Blandino said the circumstance...
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    Pass Interference / Non PI in Dallas - Detroit playoff game

    Clearly the lack of communication was botched on this play but the silver lining is that this may be the play that alters the replay rule and hopefully allows for every play to be subject to a coach's challenge (maximum 2). What's interesting about this play and I have heard some posters argue...
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    Playoff predictions

    Here is my guess of how the playoffs unfold: Wildcard Arizona @ Atlanta - Atlanta Baltimore @Pittsburgh - Pitt Detroit @ Dallas - Dallas Cinci @ Indi - Indi Division Atlanta @ Seattle - Seattle Pitt @ Denver - Pitt [email protected] NE - Pats Dallas @ GB - Dallas Conference Championships Dallas @...
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    OT - MVP award

    First off, I don't really care that much for this award just like who goes to the pro bowl and partially because of the lack of defined criteria for it. Each voter has their own basis and if you want to define most valuable in the literal sense, then the QB position has a huge advantage over...
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    OT - roughing the passer

    The hit by Browner certainly generated a lot of discussion and heated debates here but how about this one: I mean, can you imagine if this was Chandler Jones hitting Manning in the AFC...
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    Weather for Thursday vs Jets

    I don't live in the area but the forecast looks pretty nasty for tomorrow and reminded me somewhat of the Buffalo game from last year but warmer. The first thing that stands out from that game was Blount and no turnovers which was remarkable. I'm not expecting much from the running game but I...
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    There is a lot of discussion regarding back-end roster positions and rightly so but when the season starts, those discussions quite often disappear as the primary starters and groupings are the basis for the team's evaluation. With that, my only concern is the inside pass rush. We saw a 3-4...
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    something to watch Friday

    Here is an excerpt from Phil Perry over at CSN commenting on today's practice: " When the Patriots got into their dime package during Philadelphia's two-minute hurry-up they used some interesting defensive personnel. Zach Moore (who appeared to injure his leg but came back later in the...
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    Mayo - the Patriot way

    Loved this quote from Mayo's interview: "Replacing Spikes' swagger: "Did he bring a lot of swagger? What is swagger? I always get kind of confused when a 30-plus-year-old man brings up the word swagger. It's just weird. I don't even use that word and I'm 28 years old. What is swagger? Is it a...
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    Weather for Saturday vs Colts

    Looks pretty ugly; wet like Buffalo, maybe warmer but the wind looks much stronger. Foxboro Hourly Weather - AccuWeather Forecast for MA 02035 This shapes up for a field position, minimize critical mistakes (turnovers) game. Since both teams have very good turnover differentials, I would...
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    Playing Denver's Offense

    A play that's been very effective for them this year is the shotgun handoff to Moreno that generally goes to the weak side. Since Denver plays mostly out of a 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB set, teams are forced to play nickel if not dime. Manning appears to see how his opponent lines up relative to Thomas...
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    Mankins penalty and a few other thoughts

    What did he do to draw that flag? I'm not here to harp on poor calls since this happens every week. I was very disappointed in Talib losing his cool to a guy he knows talks a lot. He actually could have been flagged again when he grabbed his facemask. That is just selfish football right there...