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  1. Batman

    HELP Boston / Cambridge

    This is from someone I know's facebook. I'm a fire performer and artist and a company who makes our props have changed what they make currently. Below is what they are looking for. I am not in the area but I know a lot of you are. "We just had the first hospital network approve our shields...
  2. Batman

    My pie in the Sky day 3 dream

    This is just a dream I doubt it happens. Resign HT Pick up Eddie Lacy on a cheap deal Get an offer sheet for Butler that we can pick either way Trade Jimmy G for the No.1 overall Then go draft Myles Garrett. What is your dream situations Patsfans
  3. Batman

    BB clearly taught Stork how to answer media questions

    Bryan Stork wraps up season with most Belichickian player interview of the year: 'On to next year' I love that he is on to next year. I hope he has fund doing things.
  4. Batman

    Semi OT: Ted Marchibroda Passes away

    Ted Marchibroda passed away today. Gave BB his first NFL job.
  5. Batman

    Video of TC day 4

    Hi guys here is a video from Day 4 of Training camp originally posted on reddit
  6. Batman

    How come...

    Sorry if this has been brought up, I haven't seen it asked anywhere and wasn't sure which Deflatgate thread to put it it mods feel free to move it. How come Carl Paganelli did not notice anything wrong with the football even though he touched them every single down but somehow D'qwell Jackson...
  7. Batman

    O.T: British American football finals

    Good morning fellow pas fans. The time if year has came where we in Britain are finishing up our season there are two finial being played today the national leauge final and the premiership final. The national leauge is the lower leauge the game kicks off at 12:15 BST (07:15 EST) It...
  8. Batman

    Tim Tebow signs new contract as QB

    ITAR-TASS : Tim Tebow signs contract with Russian football team Yes he is now being paid $1 million to play 2 games! Totally crazy.
  9. Batman

    Who was our week 1 MVP

    Poll who you believe was our MVP Danny Anendola. 10 catches great effort after looking like his injury was going to hold him back. Truly manned up today. Julian Edleman 7 catches 2TD's a guy Brady clearly has faith in. Also now leader in P/R average in NFL career. Shane Vareen 100...
  10. Batman

    Bill Polian offers his 2cents about Hernandez.

    Polian on Hernandez What a high and mighty douche it's not like he ever drafted a murders, *cough* Rae Carruth *cough*
  11. Batman

    A few notes from the Bills game.

    I only just got a chance to watch the game as it was blacked out in the uk on game pass. I avoided the result to watch today. The Front 7 looked very good vs the run and pass. Our safety play is poor it's clear they seem lost when the seems are attacked. The Oline done a great job in...
  12. Batman

    A bit of football on a sunday afternoon

    Hi guys If anyone is interested the British American football final is on a has a live internet stream. Kicked off at 1pm EST. It's London Blitz (Blue) vs London Warriors (White) BAFA National Leagues | Britbowl Weekend 25-26 August Batman
  13. Batman

    The play that defined a Super Bowl.

    The morning after the night before, sleep deprived and a bit hung over in bed at 3am to be up at 6. While on my way to work checking the forum and thinking trying to work out what the game changer was. Was it Nink's offside, Welker's drop or manninghams's sideline grab. Overall I worked out...
  14. Batman

    Mark Anderson scares me.

    First off I love that we have a pass rush, we use to ask can he rush the passer about every player. Between him and carter they got 20 sacks through out the season. However watching last night when Anderson had to drop in coverage he looked lost out there allowing the TE a TD. Also when he...
  15. Batman

    Game day roster.

    Ok we have our first 53 man roster and yes this will change but now we can start to predict our week 1 game day roster. There is no 3rd QB rule now. Just a 46 man roster will BB go with 3 QB's on his 46 or not after only carrying 2 last season? I think Mallet, Price, Cunningham, Tarp...
  16. Batman

    Ochocinco hinting at wanting to be a pat again?

    . This is via chad Ochocinco's twitter I will link it when I am home later Is Chad Johnson saying he can dream of being part of the pats in his happy birthday tweet to butler? To me he seems to be crying out to join us. Personally I do not want him unless he can show he means business first.
  17. Batman

    O.T. Great video on Chris Henry.

    Chris Henry's Legacy Lives On - NFL Video Shows how much such a simple thing can change a life.
  18. Batman

    Top 100 debate Brady vs Manning

    NFL Videos: Top 100: The greatest debate Starts at about 1.50 in, Dukes suggests that Brady should possibly be higher than Manning.
  19. Batman

    Video message sent to all NFL teams news: NFL's video message to players on hits: 'You are on notice' I guess the NFL think Meriweather was the worst offender this week nice to see page get shown making a clean hit at the end even if at KC
  20. Batman

    Should we have drafted Clay Matthews last year

    Just to start this is not a sky is falling thread. We all know we need a olb and a pass rush, the guy can certainly rush the passer. The kid seems to be turning into a beast. He was projected to be picked by us on many mocks and taken useing a pick we had. He may not have been as productive in...