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  1. RIP#40

    Brian Flores

    If Miami fires Flores, as the Miami fans are demanding, would you want him back as the DC?
  2. RIP#40

    Theoretical Trade with Jets

    Patriots get Jet's #23, #34 and #86 Jets get Pats' #15, #46 My reasoning is that I don't think the Patriots are going QB in the first but they would be able to draft whoever they feel is the best of the tier 2 QB's with the 2nd pick of the 2nd round. Would you do it?
  3. RIP#40

    Urban Meyer/OSU players

    It's my impression that BB values the opinions of college coaches he respects in regard to the drafting of players. Meyer certainly falls into that category. I don't follow college football all that closely, who are the NFL prospects on the Buckeyes? My particular interest is along the OL...
  4. RIP#40

    Logan Ryan is a clown

    Looked back 3 pages or so and didn't see this mentioned in a thread. Logan Ryan's crotch grab dive into the end zone was totally classless. Ridley's high stepping wasn't much better. I hope BB rips them new ones.
  5. RIP#40

    BB believes the press clippings

    I hate to pile on, especially since I was until recently an "In Bill we truster", but in my opinion his ego has got the best of him.Problem: D-Line can't generate a pass rush. Solution: Trade Seymour, cut Warren and don't address the issue in the draft. Problem: Safety play sucks. Solution: cut...
  6. RIP#40

    BB's Offensive Line preference?

    I read in this draft section all the time that BB likes big DE's and OLB's that can set the edge. Does anyone else find this odd? Light, Mankins, Koppen, Neal, Volmer, Connolly, Kaczur, LeVoir, Wendell, Ohrnberger and Ojinnaka. I know I will get flack for not being politically correct, but 10...
  7. RIP#40

    Is Bears/Patriots game eligible to be flexed?

    Going to game and was planning to fly home same night until somebody mentioned that it could be flexed to a night game. Hoping that the Pats are already at their max for prime time games. Anybody know?
  8. RIP#40

    Larry Caper Michigan State RB

    Watching the Mich./Mich. St. game. Larry Caper looked impressive. Have any of you draftniks been keeping an eye on him? He reminded me of a young Curtis Martin. What is the word on him, if any?
  9. RIP#40

    BB has forgot more about football than I know.

    But what am I missing? Everyone knows that the Pats poor play on defense last season can be directly linked to the lack of a pass rush yet he did nothing to address it. If Jerry Hughes turns out to be good, I'm going to be pissed. Do you think once the regular season starts, exotic blitz...
  10. RIP#40

    Which side of Gillette is in the sun?

    Looking to buy tix to a late season game. Taking my cold weather hating daughter. Would anybody be kind enough to tell me if the Pat's side or the visitors side is in the afternoon sun. Thank you.
  11. RIP#40

    Marshawn Lynch?

    Is there any way this guy could make the Patriots a better team? Is he worth a look? IMO, he gets released by the Bills soon. I know he is a scumbag, but maybe we could get a year or two out of him as he tries to put his career back together.
  12. RIP#40

    Has anyone on this board predicted more than one Patriot pick?

    I love reading up on all the prospects and reading all the opinions but I was wondering what kind of luck the draftniks on this board have in guessing BB's picks.
  13. RIP#40

    Dominic Randolph QB Holy Cross

    Any of you draftniks think he has a chance to be drafted? Any scouting report? Any info would be appreciated.
  14. RIP#40

    IMO, 2008 team beats 2009 team

    At the same point in the season, I think last years team was stronger or at least played with more emotion. The offensive play calling being a lot better last year.
  15. RIP#40

    Would Cassel sign a long term deal before free agency?

    Would the Pats be able to sign Cassell to a 5 yr 40 million $ contract with 24 mill guaranteed before he becomes an official free agent? If TB takes longer to rehab then MC plays part of next season, if TB is on time, they trade MC. The Pats leverage is they could threaten to franchise and trade...
  16. RIP#40

    Anybody think Faulk is in trouble?

    He's a 10 year vet, makes 3.5 million and embarrassed the team when they could least afford it. I don't know the cap situation but if cutting him after June 1 saves 2 to 2.5 or more, I think he could be cut or traded. They need to set an example and Faulk may pay for "borrowing his friends jacket".
  17. RIP#40

    Patriots run the ball better than the Colts

    I've been reading and hearing some BS that the Pats will be at a disadvantage in a home playoff game against the Colts. The theory is that the bad weather will force the Pats to turn more to their "terrible" running game, giving the Colts an edge. How do they come to that conclusion? The Colts...
  18. RIP#40

    I want out of #28

    It seems to me in this years draft the #28 pick will get first round money but only have second round talent. I think the Pats should find a willing taker for #28 and get themselves into the first third of the second round and an additional third round pick. As an example, the 49'ers have a...
  19. RIP#40

    Patriots OL- Racial Makeup

    I realize this may be a delicate topic,so I ask it with caution and with no malice intended. Would it be safe to say that BB/Pioli prefer white offensive lineman? Of the 12 OL on the roster,11 are white. The five starters plus at least the first 3 off the bench,( I'm not sure where Yates falls...
  20. RIP#40

    Question for serious Patriot Draftniks.

    Does anybody recall if any of the Pats last 5 or 6 first round picks came to Foxboro for a visit prior to the draft? I guess my point is, does a visit by a player mean the Pats have no interest?