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  1. Aßßynormal

    Week 9: Other NFL games

    Flacco is inactive. Terrible defensive formations against the run.
  2. Aßßynormal

    James White injury Malcolm Perry, he's on IR, probably short term. The reason we're seeing so much Bolden is because of his pass blocking ability. If our two young players don't improve at it in practice then we should consider using J. Smith at H-Back. Protect first...
  3. Aßßynormal

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    RTS is also reporting he's been cut. They may have told him his role as a starter (for how long) and offered to cut him to find another team. He may be back. Cue today's coming Garappolo talk, LOL.
  4. Aßßynormal

    Brian Hoyer “The Destroyer” Returns

    Shadow roster material. Stidham better get going or we could start the season with two QBs on the roster. I'm curious about any bonus Hoyer receives (if any).
  5. Aßßynormal

    Player Signing Trent Brown trade to Pats

    Wynn could be traded as well. I can't see us taking a fifth year option on him ........ I'm just speculating. A high second round pick could net us a quality OT. Wynn and Cannon to Atlanta for their second and, maybe, Chris Lindstrom LG. Left Tackles playing at high levels are worth a fortune...
  6. Aßßynormal

    Kyle Van Noy: Possibly back on the market?

    We are still in 2020. Van Noy will have what effect on his comp value for this year (will it effect our reputed fourth round pick for his being cut)?
  7. Aßßynormal

    Understanding the Salary Cap

    Money not spent in a cap year is rolled over into the next cap year. If we have this scenario (as reported by Miquel): 2015 - $1,347,882 2014 - $5,258,054 that means all of 2014 unspent money was spent in 2015. 2015's surplus will be spent in 2016. All of this years surplus will be added to...
  8. Aßßynormal

    Panthers ask for permission to interview Nick Caserio [update: Hired by Texans]

    This guy is very handsome. What's wrong with you people?
  9. Aßßynormal

    OT: wheels starting to rattle a bit in KC

    They can't pay Jones for next year (for now) ...... because no one knows what the cap will be. So, he's stuck having to receive mega game checks only. Nothing up front - it's the guaranteed money and up front money that is at risk of being reduced. It's a tough time to be looking for a new...
  10. Aßßynormal

    USENET & Patriots Mailing List, Off Season Ancient Memories

    I think, maybe, that was "SAP Guru" ...... I remember he wanted to fight you at the YCMA. He was good at tracking, if I remember correctly.
  11. Aßßynormal

    USENET & Patriots Mailing List, Off Season Ancient Memories

    ëuphemism , who was a big shot with the Fin NG. Tudor (aka dcat4939) in the JetNG, Raiderjet. In our NG Pratt, Kent, Quigon, Bradtor and loads more. I actually miss them. Some of us still play FFL in the bones of the the old UPUFF league (run by Keith Hayes) and 2+ leagues run by dcat...
  12. Aßßynormal

    OT Globe article: Why the Patriots should be the team to sign Colin Kaepernick

    We have J'mar Smith and he ran some RPO from his youtube highlights (he's a good bomb thrower). He'll probably make the PS and could handle practices involving RPO QBs.
  13. Aßßynormal

    Gronk trade completed

    After the AB affair Rosenhaus probably wanted to make sure this went very smoothly. I put most of the "smoothness" on Rosenhaus. Especially since this transaction required dealing with two teams and getting NFL approval, along with a physical (during NFL restrictions to facilities).
  14. Aßßynormal

    Coronavirus News, Updates, Pandemic Discussion

    Spring Break Device Map
  15. Aßßynormal

    [Old 2020 thread] NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    This years brutal schedule is our friend. It will hasten the development of our team chemistry, through trial by combat. It doesn't mean we fail to make the playoffs. At worst, it means by years end, no one will want to play us. Period.
  16. Aßßynormal

    Looks like Patriots will be bargain bin shopping again, Who do you want?

    Mike Pierce (Raven NT), Had an ankle problem this year. Carl Nassib (Bucs DE), Run support very good, change of scenery and scheme could help him pass rush. About the same size as Wise. Find out about the injury status of Andrew Luck (very much a long shot - but ask anyway). That's it for...
  17. Aßßynormal

    Hi Ian, how do I get an patsfans app for my iphone?

    Hi Ian, how do I get an patsfans app for my iphone?
  18. Aßßynormal

    Penalties being considered for the Pats - UPDATED 1/1/2020

    Patriots football staff have no link to filming of Bengals' sideline: report
  19. Aßßynormal

    Gordon to IR

    Recommended reading from Miquel: The Patriots, CBA Loopholes, and Josh Gordon | Over the Cap